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Do you ever feel instantly irritated by someone’s Facebook post, even though it seems like it’s all good news being shared?

You wonder – is this jealousy? Why am I so judgmental?

But you might be picking up on something – something that is sneaky and hidden and that we all find ourselves slipping into at times.

I nicknamed it Digital Narcissism.

One person shares their inner angst after the loss of a relationship, for example, and it opens you as the reader. They are letting you see their sacred process in such a way that you can learn, can feel intimate, can feel connected.

Someone else shares their inner trauma about lost relationship in a different way, and you feel irritated. What is the difference?

What is the intention in sharing?

  • Some would say that digital shares are less personal. But they still transmit an energy – the energy of the intention underneath the message.
  • Especially if you’re an intuitive person, reading it. But I think that we are all growing more intuitive, and maybe more psychic. So the intention behind any digital message is more often felt. And it’s time to get used to that truth!
  • Sharing in order to look impressive, to bolster a self-created fantasy vision of self, to get pity from others, to get others to be impressed you, or to show off how brave or tolerant or enlightened one is – these posts seem to draw energy from the reader. Digital Narcissism. And even though it’s subtle, the intuitively-aware reader might end up feeling diminished and irritated.
  • Sharing with the Intention to be seen in the commonality of experience, to build understanding, to share something that worked (or didn’t work) so that others might benefit – these posts often end up giving energy to the reader. They are gifts to receive. And the reader ends up feeling inspired, better right? It has to do with the energetics of presentation, speaking, and “stealing energy” of an audience – something I teach to my Channel Your Genius Academy students. I am teaching them this year how to teach and present online, how to share their sacred work via the internet.
  • The “rules” that apply in person to person conversation still apply with digital communication! Energy is moving, whether online or in person. When we intend to take, our energy takes. When we intend to give, our energy gives. And yes, it is subtle- but oh so real!

So there is an invitation here for all of us – to get honest about our intentions in sharing via social media. And to acknowledge that we can *feel* the differences in intentions when people share.

What to do?

Well, we are faced now with a pandemic, which has us all “sheltering in place,” and using the internet now more than ever! This powerful time period is already tuned to support us in healing around this issue.

And there is a deeper issue afoot in many of our lives – our growing addiction/attachment to the Digital reality, that is alienating us from direct relationship with nature and community in-person. This goes hand in hand with our (often accidental) tendency to share from a taking intention. When we are addicted, we go unconscious in what we are doing. When we are addicted to our digital media, we find ourselves sharing from a “taking” intention, and ticking people off!

Do you have a digital addiction?

I struggle with my own Digital Addiction, as I find myself pacifying my longing for deeper community with the images and messages I find on Facebook.

It is such a sneaky subtle tendency that I am watching and attempting to shift. It is sticky, and embarrassing, and my own addiction at work. I have a lot of juice here, so I’m sharing the power that rises with my peeps in Channel Your Genius Academy.

I am seeking ways to share that come from authenticity, too.

I created my Academy as a way to focus my energies, my new teachings, my helpful tools, on people who are creative, open, and ready to be lifted up and empowered by my best stuff. Most importantly, these people are already in a space of informed consent to receive my best. We share an intention for bridging the worlds and creating success in life. Then I don’t have to “market” to those people all the time. I can just give them my best for a super generous price, and this keeps us in good relationship.

How are you bridging the virtual realm of connection?

Feel free to leave a comment below – let’s talk about this distinction between the irritating posts/shares and the ones that open you up. I feel I am constantly navigating this line, and wanting to express in ways that open my community to greater freedom, prosperity, and soulful purpose!

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  • parisa says:

    wow! very insightful & helpful read. I have definitely experienced digital narcissism before and wouldn’t doubt if I have been a perpetrator before. Reading this has been a great reminder to make sure I am intentional with everything I share online! thank you queen! 😊🙏🏽❤️🎉🌈

  • Diana Burdge says:

    I am filling out the Soul Gift Quiz and it indicates I need to check my email for my results, but I am not receiving any emails. Sorry I have taken the quiz a few times now and you may be receiving repeated messages from me which may look obsessive at this point. Are the emails related to my results being I am a Transmitter and not a Messenger or other types? I am not sure what that really means. If we are not aligned to work together asI see your Youtube video on How to Build a Quiz you are stating one should be guided and grounded in business and not in money fear. Although I am not yet grounded in my business, I am grounded in my life and although I don’t have money fears, I don’t have excess money yet. I can appreciate that, but am hopeful you can guide me in the right direction of who or where I can find support.

    Any Help, or guidance you can lend would be appreciated.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  • Eva Dahlbom says:

    I do not use facebook that much and definitely not to bring acknowledment for my self.
    However I would love to share something passable, but no one should belive me so it’s moment 22!
    Sincerely Eva

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