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Meet Your Spirit Guides – the Easy Way

“What do my Spirit Guides look like?”
“Someday, I want to meet my Guides.”
“How can I learn to get answers from my Guides?”

These are some of the most common questions I get asked as a professional intuitive strategist.

And the ANSWER is so simple, that most people can’t even hear it.

They are YOUR guides. Your invisible friends. Your inner voice.
All you need to do is listen. Do a few simple things, and you’ll have a great relationship with the biggest wisdom you’ve got.

I know it’s hard to believe it can be so easy.
Hey, I grew up Catholic. Happy Catholic. Church did great things for me.
But one bummer about the Catholic tradition (and most organized religions) is there were SO many rules and guidelines about how to talk to my own Creator.
“No new prophecies,” they said. “Church is the right place to talk to God” they said. “Everything God would ever say is in one book. Period,” they said.
Ahem. Nuh-huh! Not true-ski.
That party-line is BS, even in the minds and writings of the Christian mystic saints, who tended to have direct open lines to the Big Guy on a regular basis. I think we can ALL have that open line to the Boss. But the Church says only “Saints” can do that, and they even regulate who is truly a “Saint.” OK. That’s cool if you’re into authoritarian control about the relationship between the Creator and the Createes. But I’m not so much anymore.
Instead, I like the eons and multitudes of wisdom schools (including Jesus’ own words, but don’t get me started…) that point to the fact that we are deeply, intrinsically, and PERSONALLY connected to our creator. We are in communion with or without the Church. We are guided, informed, and loved in a way more personal way. And Spirit is here to help, even with the real-life stuff. Like a friend.

So. What if we let talking to “God” be easy? What if we even give ourselves permission to talk to “God” not just as one big old guy, but in different personalities and reflections and imaginary friends so that our teensy little brains can track the wide wisdom available to us? What if we do what most ancient wisdom schools did, and allow ourselves to utilize the metaphor of personalizing our guidance into “Guides” with different specialties, wisdoms, and even personalities?

OK if you’re still with me, then you’re ready to meet your Spirit Guides. And I’ll try not to get in the way!

Just don’t make it hard, OK?
Dude, It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Even a Stanford-educated former lawyer like myself can get into connecting with Spirit Guides when I realize just how well it WORKS!

Here are some benefits to connecting with your inner guidance, as I see it…

  • It’s like having an invisible team you don’t have to pay, who work 24/7 for the rest of your life – for YOU!
  • It’s a non-religious yet deeply spiritual thing that exists in almost every wisdom tradition, and even fits alongside of many traditional religions (call em Angels, Saints, Genii if you’d like)
  • It makes it easier to talk to God if you imagine different personalities with different specialties – cause the human brain is limited, People!
  • When you put your Guides to work on something, it’s running in the background while you can work on other stuff.
  • Surrendering to a higher power is a fantastic stress-reliever.
  • You get parking spaces a lot easier. Test this. It works.
  • It’s a sneaky way of getting yourself to “pray” – that is, to connect directly to Spirit/Creator and have a conversation!
    Anyway, engaging with Spirit Guides is also just fun.

3 Most Important Tips about Spirit Guides

So I’m going to share the 3 most important tips I think you need to know to connect directly with your Spirit Guides without making it hard or boring.

1. Invisible Friends

Remember when you were a kid, and you had invisible friends you played with? Do that. Imagine your Guide, as a benevolent wise friend. And talk to your Guide. And imagine what your Guide would say. That’s it. Don’t make this hard. Just do it.

2. The Good Guys

As you imagine/connect with your Guides, set your powerful intention to ONLY connect with the Good Guys- that is, the energies that are in alignment with the Highest Good. That way, you don’t have to worry about calling in energies that are troublemakers. It’s like when you throw a party – you invite who you WANT to talk to. You don’t just throw open the front door to the world and yell “Free Booze!”

3. You’re the Boss

Your Spirit Guides are wise, powerful, and have a big vision view. That’s cool. But because YOU’re the one in the body, making the choices, you get to have the final word. So ask their advice, listen to it, and then do what your intellect and intuition agree you should do. Don’t use Guides as a cop-out. Don’t give your responsibility away. That said, your Spirit Guides’ ability to help you is limited only by your limiting beliefs. So set your intention, call them in, and put them to work!

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  • Kaytlyn Creutzberg says:

    Love the simplicity in this! Recently, my Guides showed up as a choir that was backing me up as I stepped forth. I think the idea is that it’s time for me to do a solo, and they have my back. I am listening for my cue. My voice is ready, well practiced, but I just have not pitched my voice yet 🙂 Deep breath in and ….

    • Missi Young says:

      @Mellisa thank you for sharing how to communicate with your spirit guides. I am in total agreement with what you said. One most important thing that can help make it easy to follow your suggestions, is to remember to “let the Little Girl and Boy” inside come out a play.

  • Tracy Pepper says:

    Thank you, Melissa, for so for clearly and eloquently expressing what I am discovering to be true. In recent years I’ve consciously and deliberately called upon my spirit guides. The more I open myself to guidance from these guides, whom I choose to call ancestors, the more I am inspired, encouraged (courage), comforted, and emboldened. I am grateful to have awakened to the fact that I truly am not alone, and there exists an endless reservoir of love and guidance available to me. I feel like I’ve only just barely touched the tip of that reservoir, which excites me to no end because there is so much more to explore and discover on this journey.
    Oh, and I can testify that the parking space “trick” does work. By simply asking and believing, parking spaces, and many other gifts (large and small), regularly come my way.

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