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“What have I done? It’s too late to stop.” 

That’s what I thought as I looked at the news on Sunday, March 15 about the impending total shut-down.

UGH. I had just opened enrollment for my main program, my online biz school.
“Hey everybody, the world is ending! Come buy my stuff!” UGH!
Not. Good. Timing.

  • “I’m going to be one of those selfish greedy bastards that does business in a pandemic?”
  • “I should be giving everything away, not selling anything”
  • “Could there be ANY worse timing?”

And, admittedly, from the quietly from the corner of my lawyer brain,

  • “I wonder if there’s a way to profit during this trend?”

And then the waves of shame came rolling through me with shivers and tiny cold sweat tinglings.

Ok Mellissa. Time to find out what’s True.

I dropped into prayer and meditation at my little altar next to my bed, and I lit a candle, hand shaking. Deep breath, Mellissa. I’ve been through crazy times before, and I am clear that I have only one BOSS, and that’s the One who Called me to this work in the first place, 20 years ago. I’d just have to ask Her what I’m supposed to do.

My entrepreneur heart was racing. My mommy-provider mind was aching.

  • Would I be directed to give up on this launch, to quietly fade away and wait this out?
  • Would I be told to change my business entirely, and focus on something that does more good now?
  • Would my Big Boss have me take some 90 degree or 180 degree shift into something I’d never considered before?

I was open to all of it. I’ve learned to just Go with Her.
But, Man, I was scared.
Because She has called me to some pretty big changes in the past – and Fast.

That’s when the big surprise came.

Her answer was crystal clear as soon as I centered myself and gave it ALL up.

She giggled with that God-giggle she has, and said, “Settle, Daughter. It’s all perfect timing. Keep going.”

And then I heard Her tone shift to that Snarky Fun God-voice I enjoy. She went on in my head to transmit this message…


Hey. Mellissa.
Remember last year when I told you that you needed to focus your teaching this year on helping the spirit-driven entrepreneurs to expand their sacred work to include technology like you do?
Remember how I said it’s time for the channels to transmit their magic over the airwaves?
And how you then created these classes to teach sensitive intuitives how to bring their magic online and create community, circles, classes, and magic?
Yah. Well. Turns out my divine self didn’t make a mistake. 😉
Here’s why. It’s time.

This is no time for you go all Catholic-Guilt on me, and shyly disappear.
We created this offering together for these people to leverage themselves up into the web-waves so they can have bigger audiences, bigger impact, and finally relax with abundance.
The Awakening is afoot. This is what I’ve been preparing you for.
And this is what I’ve been preparing your students for.

Sure, give them some help ForFree. Why not. But know that you can’t take them all the way if they don’t invest. It’s human nature.
And “business” is another word for “sacred exchange.”
If you just give too much, and don’t receive, you are not honoring the sacred exchange.
You know this journey of building their business will be longer, stronger, and more investment than what will work givenFree. Don’t back down on the sacred exchange.
Ante Up, Mellissa.


So I followed Her directions, and I continued the sales cycle.

Sales conversations during a mounting pandemic? Oof. I admit I wasn’t totally looking forward to them. But they were so much different than I expected.

I thought I’d get people who were terrified, meek, asking quiet fearful questions in the midst of all this.
Quite to the contrary.

I got people who were FIRED UP about bringing their purpose to the world NOW.

I thought I’d get people demanding further discounts, complaining that I charge at all.
I got people who were doubling-down on themselves, following the same call I’d had from my Big Boss – to create their impact and their business NOW. Brave resourceful women confident in their choice to capitalize a business that will sustain them in times like this.

I thought I’d get people who would just say “UGH BAD TIMING”
I did.
Several. Several people who wanted SO badly to join my year-long Academy, but because of the radical shift that had just happened, they asked me if they could please have another month to decide.
But enrollment closed before they could get ready. They emailed me, asking to please come in. But I do honor boundaries, so to do that, I’d have to open enrollment again. Could I do that in integrity?

Well, in my Academy, we walk through a sequence of classes each year, with LIVE weekly classes.
I generally launch in the Spring, because that’s the beginning of the business foundations classes. It’s the place in the curriculum to start.
But as I contemplated it, I realized that this year, I have TWO business foundations classes.

  • One, Channel Your Academy, is what I’ve been teaching the last month (and it will still be available to new students anyway).
  • The second, Channel Your Business, begins at the end of April. Both are good places to start in what I teach for a year.

So I decided to re-open enrollment to the Academy for a few days in April, to welcome in up to 30 new students before we begin the foundational Channel Your Business course.

People who sign up in late April will still be in a good place to begin.
And this will allow those who were upside down during my initial launch to still join the program.

So if you were one of those people, who REALLY wanted to join Channel Your Genius Academy – my business school/mystery school for creative intuitive type people that’s less than $3K – But things were just TOO nutty in mid-March, then you will have another chance, and you should keep an eye on your inbox. Cause it will come and go quickly, and I’ll have space for 30 new students only.

And if you are in business, doing your soul’s work, then we probably share the same BIG BOSS. And I hope this story gives you some encouragement to keep on keepin on.

Comment below and let me know what you think!

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