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It’s 2020.

Let's redefine Channeling

For some years, I avoided talking about “channeling” because of 3 things:

  • I was afraid people would automatically think I was a woo-woo weirdo for talking about channeling.  Because channeling often looks weird – other-worldly, freaky, spooky.
  • I didn’t like a lot of “channeling” because much “channeled” information didn’t make sense, and I felt like it was a distraction from the real world, not a contribution to it.
  • the people doing the channeling seemed to separate themselves from the info coming through them, almost making themselves seem a senseless instrument (or even a victim) of the information flowing out of their mouths.  Seemed to me this just allows a teacher to disavow responsibility for the real world consequences of the info that they speak.

I still have these concerns.  I see some spiritual teachers kind of “hiding” behind “channeling.”  Wielding big energies to charm people, without offering info usable in the real world.  I see some channels bringing through info that distracts seekers from their real life to ponder aliens while the world falls apart.  I see some seekers focusing on “channeled” information from other sources, instead of simply tapping their own channel to download wisdom.  

But instead of avoiding talking about channeling, I’ve decided to simply redefine it.

Check out this Ted-like Talk that my local community TV station asked me to give, to reveal some of the misconceptions about “channeling” and about “genius.”

What do you think of this?

Are you a Channel of Genius?

Perhaps 2020 is your year to open your Channel, to bring forth your Genius, and to do what your soul came here to do!

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