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Are You Power Hungry?  I am.

As a lawyer I was power hungry.

And as an intuitive I’ve been power hungry.

And I’m still power hungry.

I hope you are too.

The key question… What kind of power are you hungry for?

Wouldn’t it be great if the kind-hearted people, the creative geniuses, and the leaders of integrity had the POWER?

Which power?

Political power – the ability to change the rules.

Economic power – the ability to funnel the resources.

Personal power – the embodied energy that makes you a leader.


The Highest Power – alignment with Soul, with Evolution, with Big Power.

This one might necessitate going kinda Woo.

See, in the old schools of power, we’ve relegated the highest powers of all – the power of miracles, the power of direct co-creation with the Creator, the direct tapping of intentional power when it’s aligned with the highest good – we’ve relegated all of these to either religious or silly.


Well, times they are a-changin.

And more and more professional folks who hold POWER of this world, are becoming re-devoted to the wisdom of our own hearts – that knows that the Highest Power is a Mystery that we reach across the veil to touch.  And this calls for faith, surrender, prayer… and a BIG love.


I’ve got substantial proof.  See, I get to work with these folks.

So many professional people who have acquired big power, reputation, and acclaim in the worldly intellectual stuff are now awakening to a growing longing to connect spiritually.


Because they just KNOW that connecting spiritually will allow them to leverage the power they already have in this world to do not just “things” but the things that MATTER most.

  • They feel a deeper Calling than ever.
  • They are awakening intuitively (even if they don’t want to)
  • They are becoming more empathic (even though that’s uncomfortable)


  • they are looking for support that’s not too woo, even though it’s actually quite woo.  They need to stay grounded, even in spiritual power.  Good!

Somehow, cause I went to Stanford, cause I’m a former lawyer, I’m seen as a safe guide in this.  And you know what… I am a great guide for this.  Life prepared me for being a trusted Executive Coach.

It’s a big honor.

I love it.

And I don’t get weird around people just cause they’re wealthy.

I am often moved to tears realizing something that most people don’t realize.

Many millionaires and billionaires want peace, evolution, and spiritual purpose just as much as the poor folks.

They long to make a positive change.  They don’t want to be taken advantage of.  They don’t want to be made to feel like their money is their value.

So right now, please send them some juju if you’re woowoo.

And right now, if you’re a resourced person of means, ready to tap the woo in your own way, please know that you are valued, appreciated, and honored.  I’m here for ya if you’d like some support walking through the steps.

What about you?  Are you Hungry for the right kind of Power?

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