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I sat there, listening to the voice of the Ancient Mother pour through the lips of this beautiful modern woman. I was weeping tears, yet smiling wide, not wanting to blink. My heart was gulping the nectar of her words, through my ears.
Her words awakened the memories inside of me.
They touched the Fire of my Knowing.
I felt the heaviness of this crazy world lift off of me, and I could see the light streaming through the fog of discontent and hopelessness.

Inside me, I felt my own purpose quickening, awakening, to my next level self.

Afterwards, I noticed I was skipping around my kitchen, singing. Such lightness. Such clarity.

Ah yes. These are the real life effects of a powerful Oracle of truth, who is grounded in herself, and flowing through her the translation of the wisdom that is relevant, needed, and called through her NOW.

I called her up (on Zoom, like we do now) to thank her. She and I are good friends. We tune in for each other’s teachings, because we recognize each other as Oracles – as modern prophets – as channels of wisdom.

But we can talk as people, as girlfriends. Because as channels, we know big power flows through, but that the glory goes to the wisdom that flows through us. We are still women! Gorgeous and cute in our imperfections, struggling with our own “stuff,” and needing each other to keep us accountable, to check the accuracy of the translation, the integrity of the transmission. It’s important to have sisters in this work.

I was expecting her to be as light, filled, and giddy as I was.
After all, she brought it through – this potent wisdom, this new transmission.
She was the instrument.

But she was wrecked.
Exhausted. Drained.
I questioned her to figure out why she was so zonked…
Did you ground? Yes. Did you clear yourself? Yes. Did you check in with your guidance? Yes.

Then, what is it?

She looked at me over zoom and tears welled up in her eyes. She wiped the first one away, irritated with its existence. She rolled her eyes.
“It’s embarrassing,” she said.
“OK.” I said, and I waited.
She shook her head as if she were trying to shake it all off like a dog just out of the pool.
And then she looked at me, and admitted her big dark secret.

“I’m in debt. I hate it.”
“OK well most folks do carry some debt…”
“No,” she said, “It’s bad. I can’t do this anymore. When I open up my channel, all the abundance of the Universe flows through me. I am full. And as soon as I release the channel, and arrive back in my kitchen, I feel resentful. Because I don’t. Want. to. Do. the. Dishes.” Now she is sobbing, embarrassed.
“And I NEED more massage!!!” She cries. “My hubby says I get more than any person, but I don’t know how to do what I do without more massage. I’ve been holding back getting more supplements, even though the Gaba and 5-HTP are what keep me stable, because I don’t want to spend the money right now. I feel like a freakin’ diva. A poster child of white fragility. A weepy crying mess of a highly entitled self-proclaimed modern spirit woman.”
Now she wailed for a bit, and I made sounds of groaning along with her, feeling this same longing in my own body for a soft place to land after doing Big Energy Work.

“I hear you,” I said.
“So maybe it’s time to get paid more.”
She looked back up at me sharply, “I make plenty of money.”
“Maybe not,” I said, “if you are exhausted and drained like this from giving your most important gift.”
“Oh no,” she said, “If I make any more money, then I become one of THOSE people. I’m not centered around money. You know that about me, Mellissa. I am not in this for the money.”
“Right. I know that,” I said…
But she interrupted me with a rant…
“This whole f**ked up system is dismantling. Rightfully so. I want no part of it. I only make the money I need to continue. I don’t need more. And I won’t sacrifice my integrity. I refuse to ramp up my business. It exhausts me even to think about it. More launches, more intro calls, more push, more rush. Hell no. I won’t do it. Maybe I just need to stop doing this for a while. Take a break.”

“OH HELL NO!!!” I hear my own voice bellowing, filling the room, stopping her rant in its tracks. Oh yes. I am yelling but I don’t know where my voice is coming from. It wells up inside of me, my own channel, and now I’m letting her have the Truth that won’t be silenced from inside of me…


It is the time of the Great Awakening. It is the time of the Great Coming Together. It is the Time of the Oracles Rising. That. Means. You.”

Her face suddenly brightens and she’s looking at me as if I turned into a radiant queen, which is kinda how my Voice sounds as She comes through.

“You shall not back away from your mission to Speak. You shall not back away from this time, these ways, or this path. You shall take more space, widen your channel, and receive more. You shall increase the care of your Channel, so We can bring you the people who are meant to hear you Speak. We cannot afford to have you collapse. We cannot afford to have you drained. Not now. We need you resourced, full, and yes, luxuriously readied for your Great Work. Who else do you think should have the “money” and the “luxurious care?” The ones who act only in their own accord? NO. HELL NO.”

And then the booming voice in my heart and throat quieted to that of a kind elder auntie.

“Dear One. Please stop this stubborn resistance to your path of prosperity. We trust you with wealth. We trust you with money. Of course we do. We trust you with Truth, and that is a far greater treasure, and more powerful. Stop resisting wealth. Stop resisting ease. Stand in front of thousands now. Stop hiding. The time is upon us. And your role is activated NOW. You feel it. Heaven doesn’t need your voice. Earth does. Be here on earth. Speak it so they can hear it. Speak it far and wide. And make sure you allow yourself ALL you desire so you can relax your fears, your worries, and just focus on the Message. You are a prophet. You are a spokesperson. But because you are a channel, an empath, a refined instrument, you must do this cleverly, because you shall not have the luxury of quitting, collapsing, or going half way. Get smart. Get organized. Find a Way that bridges the worlds. You know we will be here to help.”

I felt my own channel recede, and I was left sobbing along with my friend.
I knew this message was for both of us.
And since you are reading, perhaps it is for all 3 of us.

We have been holding back for so long. Hiding from judgement. Staying quiet. Speaking only to the initiated. Staying small. Staying poor. HIding in the rushes along the river, instead of splashing in and making ourselves known.

But it’s time now. Time for the Prophets to get Profitable.

After this, I knew what I needed to do.
I needed to create a community, a training, a healing academy that lifts Oracles up into being Profitable Prophets.
It’s called Channel Your Genius Academy.

I know why I went to Stanford. I know why I went to law school. I know why I practiced business litigation, worked for women business owners, and have always been an entrepreneur myself.

It’s so I could be here, now, ready to lift you up to being the Profitable Prophet you are meant to be.

Check out Channel Your Genius Academy here.

Because that’s where I’ve assembled everything I’ve learned about how to step out in the world as a profitable prophet, a well-paid wisdom teacher, a channel of genius.

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  • Dear Mellissa,

    this message resonates so deeply with me. I needed to hear this in all its clarity again and so powerfully, because I kept myself small, hidden and poor for many reasons, but it is not about my reasons any more. It is about bringing the messages Heaven wants me to communicate forth and I feel I am getting ready for this. Things, thoughts, ideas are changing and the feeling of worthiness and entitlement to wealth, excellent self-care and abundance in so many different ways is growing. I still might not be able to join the Academy this time, but still working on getting the money, however, I know I will join you to receive masterful guidance from you as you are walking this path so successfully, And you know what, I am getting so excited about this prospect that I am dancing in my office. It fills my heart with deep joy and anticipation and excitement. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! Much love, Claudia

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