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For over ten years, I’ve been teaching intuitive creative visionaries how to build a business from their deepest gifts.  And honestly – Sometimes it’s hard to get intuitive folks to finally make money! 

You know how so many intuitively guided creatives follow the flow SO much that they end up struggling for money?  I mean, they aren’t money-only-motivated people. So they follow the magic, the flow, their inspiration… and sometimes this leaves them inspired, but impoverished.  But how can you dive into creating an empire when you’re exhausted and struggling financially? It’s a problem!

The world is missing out on the amazing work of millions of the most inspired people, mostly because those people are in a money hole, or stuck in what us woo folks might call “poverty consciousness,” which is different that the deep and pervasive reality of poverty. 

*** I want to acknowledge right here, right now, that millions and billions of smart capable people are stuck in cycles of poverty that are driven by systemic racism, classism, and social injustice.  That’s more than just “poverty consciousness.” And people who have faced poverty have generally already been humbled to the real-life necessity of “getting a job.” So I hope that this article serves as a message of hope to those who are experiencing poverty right now from any reason. Going for a Comfort Money Job might be a good way to step up and out, to finance a more empowered business opportunity, if that is what you want. ***

Who might need a Comfort Money Job?

  • If you’re in money stress, and your mind-body is resisting building a business because it’s freaked out about an uncertain future or how to get the rent paid this month, it’s probably time for a Comfort Money Job.
  • If you’re beyond Adrenal fatigue, exhausted, and really really needing to heal and rejuvenate yourself before you enter a big creative cycle and build the big biz of your dreams,  it may be time for a Comfort Money Job.
  • If you need to go slower in creating a truly unique and world-changing business, because your nervous system needs more time to metabolize the powerful content you are birthing into the world, step by step, without feeling rushed… Consider a Comfort Money Job!

Look, I’m all about helping inspired visionaries create their own unique business from their soul’s calling.

Sometimes, the first solid step towards that building your own business, is actually getting a “job” or selling something easy and boring, so you can finance the education, support, and resources you’ll need to start your biz! 

Why might I have to get a job to build my business?

You can NOT create well from a place of panic or survival fear.  No matter how inspired you are, or how great your business idea is, if you are in a nervous tension state, worried about your survival. It just doesn’t work.  Not till you get that survival fear handled.

I am NOT suggesting you give up on your dreams.

I’m suggesting that you do it intelligently, with strategy, and with FUNDING… ya’know…  like a responsible adult, a reasonable person, and a good parent to your inner child which is understandably freaking out right now.

Before you go into a big creation mode, you need to be healthy, grounded, and ready.  If you’re not, I highly advise that you get extremely pragmatic, strategic, and make sure that you focus on your own well-being and financial survival before you launch into go-go build mode.

*** We also call this bootstrapping… where you create the funds to build your business as you do it! Business owners do this ALL the time! ***

A Comfort Money Job is my term for a temporary position that:


Pays you enough steady money to cover your basics, so you’re not in survival fear.  It is not a high paying job. It’s not a fancy career. It will probably feel “beneath” you. Good.  We don’t want you getting addicted to this job. We want you to feel like you’re USING the position for enough money to give you basic comfort.  You are not being used. You’re using it. This is an important re-frame. Don’t make yourself a victim in this. You’re a grown up who can grab a mop when you need to.  This is part of being a channel of genius. The earthly real world part. Embrace it, just like you embrace your high-minded high-frequency gifts. Get real and get to work, so you make a bit of cash.

2. is BORING and EASY

It might bore you, but it doesn’t completely drain you, so you still have some time for creative stuff outside of your work hours. (I actually recommend a BORING or slightly irritating role for your Comfort Money Job, so that you don’t want to stay there forever, and forgo your dream vision.)

3. may have a BONUS

You get bonus points if this position puts you in the same room with the clients you will eventually serve with your soul-centered business, so you can make connections and do kind of undercover research for what comes next. As a barista at Starbucks, for example, you can make small talk with hundreds of people a day and do a bit of market research for the deep work you are envisioning, and will create once you get your comfort money established.

Some students in my Channel Your Genius Academy are funding their studies with a Comfort Money Job, so they can be relaxed as they vision and create their own new business.  I think this is a GREAT idea. It’s part of why I offer a payment plan. People can afford to participate in my spiritual business school while working for lower wages, and thus stay responsible and relaxed as they build their next endeavors step by step with support!

When someone comes to me and says they want to join my Academy, but they don’t know where their next rent payment is coming from, I encourage them to get a Comfort Money Job FIRST.
It’s a GREAT and smart strategy that many famous people utilized to get where they are.

Even if you’re the most enlightened being with the most healing evolutionary teachings to bring the world, you need to pay your bills.  You need to take care of your body and nervous system. Plus, it’s nice to be humble and get down to service for real people in the real world.  It’s part of the journey of bridging the worlds.

Have you benefited in the past from having a Comfort Money Job?
Tell me about it…

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  • Nadia Krauss says:

    I love this Mellissa! So much. I love that you wrote about this. On point!

    Yes, I have a Comfort Money Job and I love and appreciate it very much because it helped me get out of fight or flight.

    I am now healing my nervous system anchored in safety, steadiness, security, and stability, giving me time to metabolize my powerful content that I am birthing into this world.

    I just love, love, love how you described this. Spot on for me! Thank you.

  • Nicoletta says:

    Hi Mellissa, it is not an easy idea to assimilate, but you are right. Only that I am 65 and it is not easy to find a comfort job at my age. I have one, my brother in law offered it to me about two years ago, and I am grateful, although it is not easy to accept the patriarchal implications of it. It is very poorly paid and it involves chronic illnesses, and many practices I don’t agree with. Luckily I only work on a computer, and mostly from home.
    What you are suggesting is very valuable, nevertheless today I am feeling very depleted, unmotivated and sad. Just want to give up.
    PS: I am an old TRANSMITTER !!! 🙂
    Love to you!

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