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Your gut feeling, your primal instinct, your spidey-sense, the quiet voice in your head… when you’ve followed this wisdom, you’ve made great decisions. Am I right?

If you have found any measure of success in life, I bet you can attribute it to following your gut, your instinct, your intuition, in addition to doing what made sense.

But you didn’t learn how to have an inner voice in school, did you?
I didn’t.  Well, except for maybe my Improv class at Stanford. Thanks Professor Ryan!

But really, school might have made it harder to hear that intuitive knowing, drowning it out with louder voices of logic, analytics, and rational thinking.  Even if you went to design school, you may have found that the structure of classes, labs, and tests left little room or invitation for the muse you were there to tap.

Yet life has proven it to us over and over again…
Great ideas arrive in their own timing, and our best ideas come like magic!

Hey, the brain is terrific at solving problems.

But creative innovative ideas are what bring genius solutions.

Many people would say the creative Aha comes unbidden, always as a surprise.
They would say that the muse is fickle, that our best ideas are rare and few.
But I’m going to challenge that assumption.
I say we can invoke our best creative ideas at will – if we know how.

Let me ask you this…

  • Are you an innovator? Have you had truly unique ideas land in your mind?
  • And where have your best innovations really been born?
  • Have you ever had an idea arrive while you were in the shower, a fun idea that left you scrambling all wet and dripping for a pen and paper to write it down before you forgot it?
  • Have you ever had a brilliant idea arrive in that liminal space between waking and sleeping, where you felt you were slipping between the worlds, and catching a glimpse of what is most clear and potent?
  • Have you ever stood gazing in awe at a scene of natural beauty, and suddenly felt a big A-HA come over you like a wind, gifting you with a realization or idea that was grander than anything you ever could have thought before

YES.  I bet you have.

Now here’s what really intrigues me.
People talk about these moments as if they are completely mysterious, unbidden, uncontrollable.
But I don’t believe that.

In fact, since I accidentally went from a business litigation attorney to a highly-intuitive person in 2000, I’ve been mapping this stuff out.
And I’ve been helping smart professional folks to cultivate their own intuitive connection, so they can truly channel their genius.

YES there is a system for tapping intuitive power – for Channeling Your Genius.
So why aren’t people doing this stuff?
Maybe it’s because we’ve forgotten what our Genius really is.

Tapping your Genius at will is not a total mystery. We’ve just forgotten how.

Truth is, our human race has been creating systems to tap the mystery of the muse for eons.  This is not new information. I’ve just been gathering the essential steps for my own modern use, and to share with other modern folk.I call it the art of incarnating into your Genius.
It’s not being stuck in the head.  It’s allowing Genius to flow through you.  It’s walking the talk of your own wisdom.
I don’t think there’s any higher Calling than to Channel Your Genius.

I believe that Genius is sourced mystically, whether you wait around for it to come and grab you, or whether you intelligently collaborate with the mystic source itself, creating systems and ways to tap those great ideas at will.

In fact, the definition of Genius springs from the Roman and Greek concepts of the Genii –  our benevolent personal guardian spirit – coming through us to do great things.
Makes me wonder if the accelerated periods of cultural advancement in the Greek and Roman times were perhaps due to the fact that the most tuned-in leaders of the time were striving to connect with their Genii – downloading Genius consciously, and channeling it for change.

I don’t know about you, but this Genii thing has been my experience.  Moments of Genius feel like something bigger than me, a spirit of wisdom, is flowing through me, and gracing me with great ideas and clarity.
Do you know what I’m talking about here?
So why the heck are we not talking about this more?
Why is it relegated to woo-woo or restricted within religion and kind of brushed under the carpet?

I’m not sure why we’re not talking about this sourcing thing.  It seems like the best stuff ever to me.
Even Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear (great read BTW) talks about the arrival of the Idea as a magical mysterious moment that cannot be predicted, controlled, or invited.
But as I was reading that in her book I found myself getting all fired up.  I was wigging and jumping around, all frustrated like a kid in a class who knows an answer that’s not even in the textbook yet.
“Teacher, Teacher!!!” I wanted to scream…
I wanted to say “YES we CAN invite that moment.  YES we can increase the frequency of a-ha moments.  YES we are stewards of sourcing these great ideas – not just hapless receivers waiting for the miracle to take us!!!”

My journey from lawyer to intuitive has been all about mapping this path for myself, using improv, direct mystical exploration, and awareness practices.  And my work has been about helping others tap that source without feeling crazy, about bridging the worlds in a way that is non-traditional and ultimately accessible.

See, you guys, I dream of a world where our leaders are not clueless, hapless sods hoping and praying for an answer to come down from the heavens. 
I want to participate in giving conscious leaders, innovators, and creative types the tools to march right up to the heavens, create some intelligent connections and systems for communication, and then download the best inspired ideas directly from that source, to create the dang solutions to the world’s problems – swiftly, elegantly, miraculously.

I want to collaborate with a community of leaders who all share this devotion to sourcing great ideas that will do good in the world. I want to see leaders aligned with the highest intentions, and therefore unafraid to partner with the highest sources of intelligence.

I’m here for those who are ready to KNOW their Genius, and to LIVE it in the world as Genius Incarnate.
This world needs us channeling our genius now.
What do you think about all this?  Leave me a comment below…

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