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“Thank you for getting my wife pregnant,” she said to me as she embraced me in a big bear hug.

“Wow,” I said, wiping away a few tears of joy and sniffling, “I definitely never expected someone to say that to me!”

This woman-couple lived in my cul-du-sac and they had been trying to get pregnant with the help of a sperm donor friend for more than a year. Out of some desperation, they came to me for some energetic clearing work.

As I dropped into a light trance, I could see visions – blocks that stood in the way. And with the help of their guides, in that liminal space, I swept those blocks away one by one.

Afterwards,when I reported what I had seen in my visions, the future pregnant partner gasped and then sobbed while simultaneously laughing. Big recognition. The messages were for her, and she could feel the difference in her womb right away. Two months later, they were pregnant, and they were giving me credit for knocking her up!

That was a long time ago. Almost 20 years. Since then, the profound journey clearing work that I do has released literally thousands of people from their hidden stuck blocks… blocks to love, blocks to health, and yes, blocks to fertility.

Of course my work has become stronger, even faster and more effective over the years. And I’ve learned to intersperse these potent Clearings with clarity sessions that help us make sense of the process along the way, allowing the mind to catch up with the immediate shifts of energy.

I found that in a sequence of 6 sessions over 3 months, we (you, me, and our combined spirit guides) can create amazing progress on just about anything, if it’s in the highest good. The sessions provide the access. Our joined intention provides the power. And the Big Love we serve creates the miracle.

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