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Perhaps the most hidden and important form of genius for leaders is Integrative Genius. When we are in the flow of this relational genius, everything goes easier. We feel like we have dropped into a flow of perfect timing, and effortless collaboration with everyone and everything.

Integrative Genius is what flows through us when we turn ourselves over to a benevolent universe and listen to everything as if it is a teacher and comrade. Some might say the deepest wisdom occurs when we recognize that all of the challenging people, experiences, and offerings of our lives are what make us wise. And once we realize that, then we are listening to everything as a teacher.  This opens us to all wisdom from all sources.

Listening deeply has almost become a lost art. In the cacophony of entrenched positions, statements, and rhetoric, bolstered by the echo chamber of the Internet and our digital devices, we can go through life without listening to anyone anymore. And yet we know that listening is the core skill required for good relationships, good negotiations, and good business.

You will recognize the leader with integrative genius in any meeting. This is the person who is quietly listening, weaving everyone’s ideas and shares together in her mind. And at the end of the meeting, after having heard everyone, this is the person everyone silently looks to for the final word. The Integrative Genius of the table is able to integrate the many perspectives into the big picture, the right priorities, and the right next steps in the direction of wisdom and collaboration. The Integrative Genius is rarely the loudest one in the room.

My beloved, Tony Cirone, is a great example of one who channels Integrative Genius. But he does not call it that. He calls it servant leadership. He has a gift for being non-judgmental, even in contentious conversations. He is steady and listens to everyone’s concerns. As a school principal and administrator, I see him integrate the needs, concerns, and perspectives of teachers, parents, and the often unspoken needs of the student body in order to steward the school during times of pandemic, changing regulations, and stressful cultural disagreements.

In the Intuitive Genius leadership training and retreats we offer, we build upon the lessons of embodied genius and creative genius to activate integrative genius. We practice these arts through fun exercises. We step into different roles, in order to stay open and understanding of those we live and work with. We utilize the Soul Gift system to acknowledge, respect, and appreciate the diversity of gifts and offerings we all bring to the table.

In these times, where we are all being silently and accidentally trained against our own integrative genius, it is so important to have safe spaces to practice and develop our listening and energetic flow techniques.

I’ve been speaking about the life passages that support the lessons we have in each of these four types of intuitive genius. We learn integrative genius beginning with our puberty initiation when we enter the world of relationship and passionate co-creation. We then move into our adulthood initiations of purpose and service, where we learn our unique gifts and how they serve the world. We then learn what role we should play that fits us perfectly, in right relationship with our community, family, and workplace.

In our retreat work, where my clients learn to activate their 4 forms of intuitive genius, we go back and heal these life passages, reclaiming the power we may have missed the first time around.  And yes there is integrative genius to reclaim if our power, gifts, and perfect fit rule were not made clear to us via supportive community in our early adulthood. When we reclaim and integrate these passages, it’s fun to see how we step more effortlessly into a flowing way of relating with life, with our loved ones, and with our co-creators and clients.

If you are curious about growing your own intuitive genius, come and check out my podcast this week on the topic. I will tell some stories and give you some tips as to how you can fall more effortlessly into your flow with all that is, becoming not just a standard leader of this age, but a true servant leader who weaves the wisdom of the collective into truth and positive empowerment.

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