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What would it sound like if you wrote a love letter to your ideal client?
Here’s my example…

Dear Awakening Professional,
I am with you. I get it. I know it’s hard.

I know what it’s like to “wake up” to seeing the dead, feeling energy, and experiencing the expanse of the spirit-world – without really WANTING to. Accidentally psychic. That’s what I called it. And I still flinch at the word “psychic.”

I know how it is, when inside yourself, with your new-found guidance and feelings and ecstatic openness of a body that seems new… you’re also terrified this means you’re a whack-job, a woo-woo weirdo, soon to be ridiculed and abandoned by those who’ve always admired your success.

I know how it is to try to explain your new intuitive abilities to a partner who doesn’t have them, feeling a new divide growing between you, seeing their brow furrow, and their attempts to look not-worried. Will this end your marriage? Will they grow with you in this direction? Or leave you for a normal person?

I know what it’s like when your beloved parents roll their eyes at your newfound awareness, because you don’t yet have the words to make sense of it, and it all sounds a bit nutty. And you NEVER sound nutty like this. So they figure it’s an ego trip or one of your visionary ideas or something.

And I want you to know I love you. I care about you, your family, your path. I see how your previous life, the one that followed the rules and succeeded in the approved ways – I see how that previous life was the perfect set up for you to now expand. It’s not a mistake or a tragedy, though sometimes when you feel alone, that’s what you’re crying into your pillow.

No. It’s not a mistake to experienced bigness in BOTH worlds.
It’s actually the biggest blessing of your life.
You just have to make it through the transition.
And I can help you do that.

You’re not here to be a metaphysical-only person. You’re here to bridge the worlds. You’re here to have the BEST of both worlds, and create new solutions in collaboration with Spirit. Even if it seems hard right now, I can assure you, you can leverage all this spirit stuff for REAL results in the real world. Like you do.

That’s where true Innovation springs from, Love.
Want some company on this journey, from someone who’s walked it?
I’ve got you.



When I help my Academy students build their lead-gen quiz, we identify not only their ideal clients but also the deep archetypes their clients embody. From there, we write love-letters like this. And that helps my students understand their work at a whole ‘nother level. It encourages them to truly serve these people, with exactly what they need. “Coaching” can get to be such an ego trip. Not if you truly love your clients, their archetypes, their needs, and their journey. Not if you fall in love with them enough to give them all you’ve got. Then, your work is a true service of joy and abundance.

Your challenge: write your client a love letter. If it flows, you know who your soul came here to serve. If it doesn’t flow, contact me and lets get you clear.

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