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Hosted by Mellissa Seaman JD

Intuitive Business Mentor,

Founder of Channel Your Genius

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I'm Mellissa Seaman.

I’m a Stanford educated former business attorney who had a big intuitive awakening in the year 2000 with the birth of my daughter.  Since then, I’ve been paid thousands of dollars per hour to help creative professionals bridge the worlds of business and spirit.  I absolutely love lifting up the Wise Women this world needs now with unique business strategies that work for channels of genius!

My LEAST favorite part of doing business has always been “client attraction” because it is often exhausting, draining, and soul-sucking!  Who likes beating the bushes, hustling around to events, pouring content and offers onto the internet out of a sense of scarcity? It feels desperate, grabby, and yucky to me.

And recently, normal “lead gen” and “free gifts” don’t even WORK anymore.  People are hip to the tricks, and they’re not falling for it.

Well, I’ve found  the ANSWER. It’s this Quiz thing.  I discovered it by accident one night over 10 years ago when I got a bee in my bonnet and created my Soul Gift Quiz.  Before I could even get an opt in on the thing, it went viral on FB and 2000 people took it!  Wowza! 

Since then, I have continued to refine my approach to the Client-attracting Archetype quiz system.  I’ve helped dozens of clients to create them, and they WORK!

I want this for every sensitive gifted biz owner.  No more hustling new clients.  I’m telling you it’s a game changer. And I know that the gifted folks I work with can change the world (esp when we aren’t stressed about money)

So this year, I’m kicking off quiz season with this 5-day Challenge where I’ll give you the MOST important thing you need to know if you wanna build a quiz- and that’s WHICH quiz to do and WHY!  I’ll show you the unique quiz secrets I’ve discovered in the past 10 years that no other quiz “expert” is teaching.  

This 5-day Challenge will give you enough information to get started building your own quiz.  And if you end up wanting more help from me, I’m offering the lowest-price version of my full quiz training with personalized coaching that I’ve ever offered.  I’ll tell you more about that if you want me to when you sign up for  this juicy 5-day challenge!  Can’t wait to spill the quiz secrets with you soon!

Here’s to your Gifted Genius,


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