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Create Your Quiz Funnel

Attract, delight, and enroll your ideal clients effortlessly – build your Magic Mirror Quiz with Mellissa Seaman

Create your Quiz Funnel - for a steady flow of new perfect-fit clients

Why create a Magic Mirror Quiz?

Why create a Magic Mirror Quiz Funnel?

Build your
community 10x faster

Quiz opt-in forms get 10 times as many leads as other “free gifts.” 

Can you imagine what would change in your business if you had TEN TIMES as many leads as you do right now – just by changing your free thing with a quiz?

Grow your list fast with potential clients who love your work!

Marketing with Kindness

Your Magic Mirror Quiz can open an authentic conversation with your ideal peeps, just like you would if you were talking to every one of them one on one.

 You can give them deep acknowledgement, profound realizations, and tears of connection just through your brilliant little quiz!

A Free Gift You're Proud to Share

You will feel great sharing your Magic Mirror Quiz.  It won’t be a salesy clickbait checklist, nor a cringey scored quiz, nor an obviously-qualifying bucketing quiz. 

Here, you can create a quiz you’ll love sharing – one that gives people the deep acknowledgement they’ve been longing for, while they learn about you and your work.

Positioning You as the Top Expert

Your well-designed quiz will be based on your own unique business.  It will position you as the go-to expert in your unique field of transforming lives. 

Your quiz system will follow up with each person in a way that feels so kind, personal, and engaging, that they will trust you immediately and *JUST KNOW* when they are meant to hire you!

Create a Steady Stream of Qualified Clients.

Not only can your Magic Mirror Quiz 10x your lead gen immediately, doubling your email list again and again…. Your quiz funnel can also create a steady stream of incoming potential clients on your sales calls, fill your events, and populate your memberships and programs.

If you’d rather not be “hustling” clients, beating the bushes, and constantly searching for the right new leads, it’s time to build your client-attracting quiz funnel!

In this self-guided Quiz Funnel Creation course, you will…

This course has videos to show you how to do it, templates to make it easier, and tons of extra resource recordings if you really want to become a quiz-creation geek!

NOTE:  This is not a business foundations course.  You will need to know with specificity and clarity what your business offers, to whom, and why.  It is designed for a business of any size that has already been serving people for some time.  You should already be clear about your who and your what!

Hi I'm Mellissa

Quizzes done this way work SO well, I want everyone I love to have a quiz funnel!

I admit it.  I’m a quiz-enthusiast, a quiz-geek, and a quiz-evangelist! 

Why? This quiz magic is real. My own Soul Gift Quiz and funnel attracts thousands of pre-qualified clients for me every month automatically, and if I run Facebook ads to my quiz, my leads cost less than 40 cents each (My ads people are amazed, and are now having me help their clients build similar quizzes!). My quiz clients have had results like filling a high end program in just weeks, increasing list size by 600% within 2 months, and landing top-level speaking gigs based on their quiz!

For me, though, it’s not just about the numbers. Like you, I am devoted to transformation, and also to grounded real world results. And this Magic Mirror Quiz is by far the BEST marketing tool for heart-centered biz owners like us.

My background makes me perfectly suited to help you with this. I’m a former business attorney turned Intuitive Strategist. I studied survey-psychology at Stanford University where I went to college. And I am devoted to creating compassionate marketing systems that bring people to the right resources for their highest good. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years to identify their soul’s gifts, align their business strategies with integrity, and to chart a course into their deepest wisdom and fulfillment. My own high-end clients pay me more than $100K per year to do intuitive work with me. I have a thriving 7-figure business where I get to do my deepest work with the Wise Women my soul came here to support. My own quiz system has helped me get here, and I want to help you build a quiz too.

I created this Create Your Quiz course by popular demand. My more intensive quiz creation mentorship filled year after year, and many people didn’t have the resources to work with me personally to design, write, and implement the quiz with them one-on-one. Again and again, I was asked to create a very affordable mini-course that guides folks through my unique Magic Mirror Quiz creation process to do it on your own. And finally – here it is!

This little course is powerhouse, the product of a decade of experience and refinement to make sure that you have the guidance and clarity to create your own quiz funnel that you can feel proud of, and that can go “viral,” creating organic and low-cost-traffic lead-gen at will. I’ve done my best to give you what you need to “do it yourself” in creating a deep and potent quiz funnel for yourself.

I want this ease for you. I don’t want you to be fretting about hustling new clients. That’s what can drain your energy. I want you to have a simple delightful gift of a quiz that gets you clients wherever you speak, wherever you share, and whenever you want. This class is my gift to you!

Here’s to your Magic Mirror Quiz!


Join me for Create Your Quiz,
before the price goes up.

This course is currently on sale!

In the past, people had to pay $2950 to have me walk them through these lessons.  But for now, this course is on sale for much less.

Grab it for $297 while you can.

And if you agree to provide a bit of feedback, you’ll get a LIVE coaching session with Mellissa!

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