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Your Soul Gift is that of the Explorer. You are here to experience life fully. Period.

You’ve had a heck of a life. That’s because you’re not afraid of diving in. You may have even experienced a traumatic childhood, and yet you don’t always “regret” the hard parts. You feel how much wisdom all those experiences have given you, and THAT is what matters.

You get bored easily. But you’re not here to watch. You’re here to play. So you jump into all sorts of adventures – relationships, jobs, living situations – just to see if you can handle them! You don’t want to live in one place your whole life. And if you get stuck in one job, or one place, or one marriage – you get real itchy for change.

When you are taking a risk, feeling exhilarated in some emotion or adventure – that’s when you feel your best. That’s when life is worth living.

You frankly don’t understand when people lead routine lives. They are missing out. This life is short, and you are going to squeeze it for all it’s worth!

Under the Explorer category, there are specialty gifts. You may be a Body-Tester, a Physics-Tester, a System-Tester, or a Tourist.

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