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Your Soul Gift is that of a Researcher. You are curiosity itself, right down to the soul level. You find everything in this world interesting.

As a researcher, you sometimes find yourself watching situations and feeling amused, even when others think you should be feeling passionately interested or upset! You’ve likely trained yourself to act “appropriately” as if you really feel like you are a part of this crazy mixed up place!

But your secret truth is that you’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider. You like being alive, checking everything out, experiencing different things, but it is always from a deep drive to learn as much as you can about these crazy creatures called humans.

It’s painful when people assume that you are uncaring, emotionally stunted, or even mean. You are not. You just always manage to keep a certain distance and objectivity about things. It feels like you are collecting data about all of it for a future use, but you don’t really know what that use is!

Under the researcher category, there are specialty gifts. You might be a Information-Gatherer, an R&D Specialist, a Social Engineer, or an Historian.

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