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Your Soul Gift is that of a Transmitter. You are not about “doing” anything, really! You bring tremendous value to the world simply by radiating your unique energy.

You radiate something special – something new – something that we are all aspiring to. It is as if you operate on a new beautiful frequency that we are all growing into. You are often misunderstood, because you are not driven by money or ambition. So some people judge you as lazy, lacking ambition, or irresponsible. They don’t understand you!

Your favorite activities are those that give you the time and space to cultivate your own energy, and to enjoy beauty around you. You may well identify as an artist, a performer, a healer, or a specialist in a way of embodiment like yoga or massage.

You are very sensitive to others’ emotions and negativity. Bad vibes and thoughts can literally make you feel ill.

Under the Transmitter category, there are specialty gifts. You might be a Walking Tara, a Transmitter-Healer, a Beauty-Transmitter, or an Innovation-Transmitter.

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