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Here’s your favorite part, saved for last [Part 5 of 5]

In this final episode, I’m going to show you a map of the mystery path that has been expanding you, testing you, and opening you to what’s next.

The passage that starts in our 40s is a potent initiation into mature feminine power. But most people think of it only as a time of irritating symptoms. Well, addressing this rite of passage spiritually can help those symptoms, but more importantly it lands us in a new level of power and wisdom.

Seeing and understanding the map I will share with you in this episode is important. It is revolutionary, actually. It calms us, giving us a new confidence. After taking care of everyone else for so long,we can come together in this understanding and finally feel supported, received, and deeply held with and by other women.

In my work, I guide women along this path, both in groups and individually. We enjoy luxurious retreats together. My clients receive effortless energy clearing, nondogmatic guidance for accessing their own intrinsic intuitive abilities, and a supportive sisterhood with other smart powerhouse wise women where they can relax and not always be the biggest spirit in the room!

If you are starting to realize that I might be the right mentor for you, for your business evolution, your personal spiritual development, or for both, then come take my “work with me survey.” It is a short quiz that will identify the best way for us to work together according to your needs. I look forward to talking with you. https://channelyourgenius.com/work-with-me/