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  • Reveal the 3 Secrets for Soul-fulfilling Success after Menopause
  • Learn your Wise Woman Archetype and what it means for your future
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  • Discover Non-Silly Spiritual Business Strategies

In just 5 days, get ready to:

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Hosted by Mellissa Seaman JD

Intuitive Business Mentor,

Founder of Channel Your Genius

Losing Religion

welcome wise woman,

I'm Mellissa Seaman.

I’m a Stanford educated former business attorney who had a big intuitive awakening in the year 2000 with the birth of my daughter.  Since then, I’ve been paid thousands of dollars per hour by creative tech founders, Fortune 100 executives, and professional creatives and designers around the world to help them leverage their intuitive gifts for success in biz and life.   

I’m an expert in helping creative, intuitive, wise women to get paid well for their wisdom.

Maybe you’ve been in the corporate world, and you’re sick of it.  Perhaps you are looking to develop or grow your deeper calling.  I bet you could use some help clarifying how to describe this renaissance woman you are, in a way that people immediately understand, respect, and value you!

You’re in the right place.  With the secrets I’ll be sharing with you in this series, you can step into the most potent, lucrative, and satisfying years of your life and career, without giving up any parts of yourself.  Let me show you the system to give up the push, the hustle, and the stress that threaten to exhaust and depress you.  Watch and use these 5 episodes, and you’ll step into a more magnetic and magical way of doing business that is only available to us Wise Women.

I made this for you because I know that it’s the wise women who can turn this world around.  I want to empower you here to do what your soul came here to do, with ease, grace, and abundance.

Here’s to your Gifted Genius,


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