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Hosted by Mellissa Seaman JD

Intuitive Business Mentor,

Founder of Channel Your Genius

welcome wise woman,

I'm Mellissa Seaman.

I’m a Stanford educated former business attorney who had a big intuitive awakening in the year 2000 with the birth of my daughter.  Since then, I’ve been paid thousands of dollars per hour by creative tech founders, Fortune 100 executives, and professional creatives and designers around the world to help them leverage their intuitive gifts for success in biz and life.   

I’m an expert in helping creative, intuitive, wise women to step into their deepest wisdom, their best business focus and offerings, and into their most easeful abundant flow.

If you are a Wise Woman who has a business infused with your spiritual transformative or healing gifts, I made this for you.  See, your work is likely deeply potent and effective.  But it’s hard to put it into words, and perhaps even harder to make GREAT money offering it in the world.  And you likely feel FRUSTRATED because no matter what you do, it’s a struggle to break through into a new revenue level.  Maybe you already know there’s something blocking you like a glass ceiling.  Perhaps you just need some clarity about HOW to go about increasing the income you get with your sacred work, while staying in full integrity with your own unique form of “marketing” and “sales” that feel creative, compassionate, and aligned. 

I GET IT. I created this 5 episode series to CLEAR your money blocks, REVEAL the map that gets you to $$$ ease, and ACTIVATE your new level of abundance.  You’re in the right place.  I want to share all of this with you –  because I know that it’s the wise women who can turn this world around.  I want to empower you to have PLENTY of income flow, so you can focus on the important work your soul came here to give.

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