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Business & Executive Coaching with Mellissa

With Mellissa as your Coach you will:

  • Stay Clear.
  • Understand the unseen truth that’s affecting you.
  • Strategize a business of deep integrity and purpose.
  • Align your marketing with your highest magnetic purpose.

High-level multi-dimensional guidance for creative business owners who value both intellect and intuition.

Let's Talk About Intuitive Business Coaching

Executive Coaching with Mellissa is personalized according to your goals…

Understand your own gifts, talents, and genius so you focus on what your soul came here to do.

Strategic business planning that leverages your soul's gifts to fulfill your unique calling in the real world, using new more evolved strategies for marketing, sales, and community creation.

Futurist visioning, trend predictions, intuitive market tracking, relationship divination... you will have access to the unseen truths that affect you every day in business and life.

Clear the stubborn blocks that have been keeping you confused, mis-directed, drained or struggling.

Have ongoing, deep and profound contact with expert support that bridges the worlds, so you can stay clear, focused, and empowered to do your most meaningful, productive, and impactful work in the world.

Apply to talk with Mellissa about on-going Executive Coaching

** Mellissa accepts limited numbers of coaching clients **
To inquire whether Executive Coaching with Mellissa is right for you… please use the button below to Schedule a no-cost chat with Mellissa.
Yes Let's Talk About It

What's the Cost?

One-on-One Executive Coaching with Mellissa is a significant two-way investment.

You have options of adding targeted private coaching to your Channel Your Genius Academy membership, and saving significantly.

Coaching-only packages range from $2,000 – $12,000 per month, depending on frequency of one-on-one work, inclusion of in-person personal retreat and ritual work, and if you have special requirements around scheduling.

Please use the application, or complete the contact form below to inquire about what is your best fit, and whether there is availability on Mellissa’s calendar.

If this sounds like it might be a fit, feel free to schedule a chat with Mellissa about Executive Coaching

Let's Talk about Executive Coaching

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