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Genius Blueprint Session

In a potent 30 minute private session, Mellissa will reveal...

  • Your Deepest Gifts
  • Clarity Around Your Purpose
  • How you can BEST channel your Genius and give your Gifts in the world

What's Included?

30-minute Session on Video-Conference

This very intensive session swiftly reveals:

  • your deepest gifts
  • your soul’s purpose
  • your life purpose
  • what you are truly here for.

You end up with a clear description of your intrinsic talents, purpose, and how to describe yourself to the world, allowing you to be understood and valued for who you are at the deepest level.


As a bonus to your session, you get access to the Genius Revealer mini-course which is a deep assessment process into your gifts and genius.

Not sure what's the right next step?

Book a complimentary session with Mellissa and find out!

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What they say about Mellissa's Blueprint session...

Judy McNutt

Creativity Coach, Ignite your Writing

“Best Session. From anyone. Ever”

Nancy L. Auge, DC

ART Certified Practitioner

“Mellissa Seaman is both clairvoyant and pragmatic. With one foot firmly planted in each landscape, she seamlessly bridges the gap between the divine super-sensual and the hard core practical, nurturing both without compromising either. She is sharp sweet kind fun silly no bullshit all rolled into one. I am guided to develop and refine my own intuitive gifts that desperately long to be expressed while learning to package them in an accessible offering that the rest of the world not only understands but can actually recognize it needs.”

Michelle Cordero

Yoga and Embodiment Coach

”Mellissa helped me go inside to recognize my own gifts and how to share them with the world. I have always had a tendency to play small out of fear. Now when I get overwhelmed or feel like quitting, I read what Mellissa wrote for me.

Are you ready to finally know yourself at the deepest levels?