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Personalized Mentorship with Mellissa

With Mellissa as your Mentor you will:

  • Stay Clear.
  • Understand the unseen.
  • Open your intuition with confidence and clarity.
  • End self-sabotage.
  • Heal wounds and dissolve obstacles.
  • Train in the arts of channeling leadership.

Guidance and training for intuitive innovators who are opening to channel their true purpose, highest impact, and deepest gifts in the world.

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Personalized Mentorship with Mellissa...

Understand your own gifts, talents, and genius so you focus on what your soul came here to do.

Follow a proven system for opening your intuitive power without losing your center, damaging your relationships, nor losing your prosperity.

Enjoy the inside view Mellissa reveals for you - futurist visioning, revelations that ring true about all aspects of your life - health, relationships, business, and pleasure.

Clear the stubborn blocks that have been keeping you confused, mis-directed, drained or struggling.

Walk through the 7 Life Initiations to heal yourself and reclaim your full natural power.

Have ongoing, deep and profound contact with expert support that bridges the worlds, so you can stay clear, focused, and empowered to live your most meaningful, productive, and impactful life, creating a legacy of profound value.

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** Mellissa accepts only 3-4 Mentoring clients per year **
To inquire whether this work with Mellissa is right for you… please use the button below to Schedule a no-cost chat with Mellissa.
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What's the Investment?

Personalized Mentoring and Coaching with Mellissa is a life-changing investment of time, energy, and money.

Designed for the founders, executives, and innovators who are opening to their intuitive power and deep purpose, Personalized Mentoring provides a profound level of support, guidance, and training, while offering an extraordinary acceleration of healing, initiation, and upleveling in all areas of life: health, relationships, purpose, and impact.
Investment ranges from $5,000 – $12,000/month, or $50,000 – $120,000/year, depending on frequency of sessions, inclusion of personal retreat work, and intensity of training.
The work we do in Personalized Mentoring follows the 3 Rings of Personal Development in the Channel Your Genius System: Initiation, Co-creation, and Transcendence. It is personalized to your individual needs.
Personalized Mentoring with Mellissa generally includes weekly phone sessions for clarity and training, daily checkins, 24/7 support, regular deep clearing sessions, and initiations work often done on retreat in California or on location throughout the world.
Because of the intensity of support, and the energetic outlay for each Mentoring client, Mellissa can take on no more than 3-4 Personalized Mentoring clients per year.

If this sounds like it might be a fit, feel free to schedule a chat with Mellissa about Personalized Mentorship

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