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VIP Genius Revealing Day

In 4 hours, Mellissa will reveal your:

  • Unique Soul Gift and Role
  • Life Purpose and Path
  • Reasons why things happened as they did.
  • Clarity about your relationships, past and present.
  • Ideal words to describe your uniqueness to others so they understand.
  • Massive clearing of self-sabotage, patterns, and old blocks that have been holding you back in life.

Get the clarity you've been longing for, all in one magical day!

Yes! I want my unique genius revealed!

In one day, you’ll have clarity.

Finally understand your unique purpose and path.

Have the words to clarify who you are, why you're here, and what you're up to.

Clarify why things have happened as they did, learning the strategy of your soul.

Clear the unseen blocks that have been keeping you spinning, waiting, or struggling, so you can draw in all the abundance your soul is ready for.

Understand this next chapter of your life, and where you should focus your energies.

Walk away from your session with a full understanding of yourself, and the confidence to focus on what matters most.

The VIP Genius Revealing Session is only $9,500

You’ll spend a day with Mellissa, long distance or in person, and receive a full report that outlines your gifts, your purpose, and the potent clearing you receive on this life-changing day.
Include a full day with Mellissa on her land in the mountains of California for an additional $2,000.
Yes! I want my unique genius revealed!

Where else can you hear the voice of your soul?

“This is my highest gift – to reveal the gifts, plan, and strategy of your Soul.  This VIP Day with me is the deepest gift I can bring in the world.  It is a life-changing experience for those who are ready to live without limits, to know beyond knowing, and to expand into their true purpose.”

- Mellissa

What's Included?

VIP Session on Video-Conference


The first part of your session...

reveals your deepest gifts, your soul's purpose, your life purpose, and who you are truly here for. You end up with a clear understanding of your deepest self, and your life's path.

The next part...

is a profound clearing session, deeper than you've likely experienced before. Since your core purpose was just revealed, your self-sabotage patterning "lights up" for Mellissa to see, track, and clear from the very root, once and for all.


after you are feeling clear on all levels with your own expertise and soul's calling, Mellissa answers your questions until you are completely satisfied, and aligned with your deepest purpose. You'll know your next best steps, your ideal focus, and what the next chapter is bringing in the path of your soul. There is nothing more enriching, satisfying, and important than knowing your own soul's purpose and path.

What they say about Mellissa's VIP session...

Justyna K.

Program Director, London UK

“Before my VIP session with Mellissa, even though I’m a peak performer, an international leader in my company, I was feeling stuck in overwhelm and heaviness. I felt “trapped,” and unsure about where my business could go next.
​​​​​​​Now, I feel lighter, like heavy things were lifted off me. In just one day, I’ve made more progress than I have in the past year. I finally understand what I’m here for. Miracles are happening to me – I just got connected to a the perfect high-level ally who will set me up for my new expertise direction.”

Amanda Smith

Business Consultant

“I feel incredibly free to be me and do what the cosmos needs to raise all our vibrations all because of the work we did together in the VIP Day. My vision is clear and the wheels are in motion to have a very successful business and life. Thank you from the depths of my soul. You are truly a gift worth sharing.”

Catherine Oliven

“Thanks to our VIP session – I have so much awareness around my gifts! I used to have dreams that I was in an airport gift shop missing my flight, because I was studying my potential gifts. Now I feel like you just gave me the deed not only to the gift shop, but to the whole airport. ”

Nancy L. Auge, DC

ART Certified Practitioner

“Mellissa Seaman is both clairvoyant and pragmatic. With one foot firmly planted in each landscape, she seamlessly bridges the gap between the divine super-sensual and the hard core practical, nurturing both without compromising either. She is sharp sweet kind fun silly no bullshit all rolled into one. I am guided to develop and refine my own intuitive gifts that desperately long to be expressed while learning to package them in an accessible offering that the rest of the world not only understands but can actually recognize it needs.”

This is your invitation to finally know your own soul, your own purpose, and your own path.

Clear the way. Give your Gifts.

Yes! I want my unique genius revealed!