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Thank you for filling out the Work With Me Survey.

Your answers indicate that you’re interested in expanding your intuitive abilities, clearing out the old gunk, and really powering up your channel of genius. Yay!

I’ve got some options for you!

Soul Clearing & Clarity Series

This 6 session 3-month package includes:

  • The journey through the Genius Revealer
  • Three potent one-hour clearing and clarity sessions
  • Three distance potent shamanic clearing sessions
  • A full written report of the healing, messages, and clearing received for you in Mellissa’s shamanic journey time

You get this life-changing series of 6 one-on-one sessions for $7,500, a savings of over $3,000.

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Genius Revealing VIP Day

A day long reading, clearing, and clarifying session that will lay out your unique purpose along with clear ways of describing what your soul came here to do.

You will finally understand …

  • why things happened the way they did,
  • what your past has created for you,
  • how to release the old blocks that have kept you bound

This is as deep as a clarity-inducing intuitive reading can go. It is a life-changer.

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Genius Blueprint Session

What’s your soul’s purpose?
Your right role?
What is your best way to bring your gifts to the world, as a biz or otherwise?

To dive into your purpose, and let yourself be revealed, you can get the Genius Blueprint Session!

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Not sure what's the right next step?

Book a complimentary session with Mellissa and find out!

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For intuitive development mentorship that is deep, non-dogmatic and opens abundance in every area of your life…

Wisdom Mentorship

This is my modern mystery school that keeps wise women clear, grounded, supported, and moving forward on our own unique spirit-paths

  • LIVE class twice a month offer fun practices, training, healing and camaraderie
  • Recorded trainings walk you through the 9 Life Initiations
  • Clearings on many topics to help you clear the gunk
  • Mellissa’s Magical Calendar notes the important dates to stay in the Cycles of Ease
  • Monthly Private one-on-one distance tuneup session to keep you clear and on track

Investment is $497/month (YES that includes the private session!)

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For those who want to develop an even level of MASTERY of bridging the worlds…

Leadership Circles and Private Mentorship

Each year I take on a handful of Wise Women who are ready to go deep.  

Private Mentorship: One-on-one VIP executive coaching can include training, initiations work, and profound healing that upgrade a Wise Woman’s power, empower her to develop her own profound spirit-work, and open her to a new way of reaching her highest goals.  Investment levels range from $10K for a day-long experience to 100K for a year of private retreats.  Inquire to talk about it.

Leadership Circles: Small circles of women walk through 9 months with me on a theme or training topic like shamanic healing, sexual manifestation, or wisdom channeling.  We enjoy private retreats at my retreat center land, and occasionally at other locales.  Every woman receives one-on-one attention with me as well as deep life-changing experience with the group, a fun and transformative bonding and learning experience!  Investment ranges from $25K to $45K depending on the offering.  These are by invite only, but feel free to inquire if you would be be a fit!

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Not sure what's right for you?

Book a complimentary session with Mellissa and find out!

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