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About Mellissa

There’s a reason Silicon Valley’s top innovators and creative professionals all over the world hire Mellissa to understand what’s happening under the surface, to leverage their intuitive gifts to create on demand, and to co-create with spirit a better future for the world.

Mellissa is…

Mellissa is a Stanford-educated former business litigation attorney, whose intuitive gifts awakened rather suddenly in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  She is a deep intuitive, who has the “clearance” and uncanny ability to deeply see and heal people with big energies – including folks with big power, big money, and therefore big energy bodies.

And with her grounded calm confidence, her compassionate warmth, and her quirky sense of humor, she can bring through huge healing, potent clarity, and deep wisdom without making it dogmatic, scary, or weird.

Channel Your Genius

Channel Your Genius is Mellissa’s system to help smart people learn how to channel their deepest soul gifts into real results in the real world. Her Academy supports the successful awakening professionals of the world to transition to the evolutionary transformative business their soul came here to do, without losing their professional reputation, their relationships, or their flow of revenue. With personalized Executive Coaching, deep clearing support, and through healing the 7 Initiations, top performing creatives master the art of channeling, release remaining blocks to confidence and happiness, and open their channels to create their best miraculous work, effortlessly and on demand.


Channel Your Genius empowers you to:


Clear your remaining fears and blocks with the 7 Life Initiations


Receive deep guidance on demand from your Invisible Team


Clarify your Visionary Gift so you can predict the trends of evolution.


Speak the Magic Words that describe what you Really Are.


Live Happy no matter what, by channeling your soul, living from your heart.


Understand your Genius Blueprint, your unique Soul Gifts, and the Map of your Channel.


Connect with the power of Self, Earth, Spirit, and True Community.


Claim the perfect Strategy to bring your soul’s offering to the world.


Birth your gifts in the world as real results for real people, generating real abundance.

When Mellissa Seaman graduated from Stanford University, and then University of San Diego School of Law with an award for Public Interest Advocacy, she never would have imagined that she would end up as a professional Intuitive. But after an awakening of her psychic abilities in the year 2000, Mellissa devoted her life to helping awaken other smart people to the power of channeling their true genius.

Since then, she’s been flown on private jets to channel for groups of leaders working to shift global issues. She’s provided profound shamanic healing sessions to thousands, with a 98% client-reported success rate. She has been the “secret” of success for world-class designers, artists, and Silicon Valley tech creatives to not only future-trend and navigate the right opportunities and relationships, but also to learn how to develop and leverage their own intuitive gifts. And she’s trained over a thousand transitioning professionals how to create their own soul-centered business without losing the respect or revenue they’d spent a lifetime cultivating.

Drawing from her experience as an improv theatre performer and teacher, she’s captivated audiences of all sizes, whether she was speaking to a hundred thousand listeners on coast to coast radio, guiding hundreds of professionals in empowering meditations that released them from blocks to success, or entertaining creative entrepreneurs as she had them rolling in the aisles recognizing themselves in the transcendence and humanity of their own awakening soul gifts.

Mellissa lives on her retreat land near Nevada City in Northern California with her beloved gardens, goats, chickens, and creek. She is the mother of Collin, a computer engineer, and Clarise, a college student. She is currently writing her book, Channel Your Genius, to be published in 2021.

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