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Intuitive Power and Business Success

About Mellissa

There’s a reason top innovators and creative professionals all over the world hire Mellissa to understand what’s happening under the surface, to leverage their intuitive gifts to create on demand, and to co-create with spirit a better future for the world.

Mellissa is…

Overly-Educated and Rather Worldly

-BA, Stanford University 1991

-Valedictorian and Campus Minister of her Catholic High School (University of San Diego High, class of ’87)

-Juris Doctorate, University of San Diego School of Law, recipient of the Public Interest Advocate Award, 1995

-Special healing trainings and certifications in everything from Biodynamic CranioSacral therapies to Aquatic Bodywork to counseling for sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and rape crisis counseling in hospitals, in coordination with many organizations.

-Widely traveled, as she has taught around the world from Bali to Berlin, Paris to Portofino. Spiritual travel and initiations in Egypt, Magdalene Lands, Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, and more.

A Spiritual Powerhouse

-Adopted, trained, and ordained by Maria Yraceburu, diyin of the Tlish Diyan indigenous tradition.

-Had been flown in to channel for powerful creative councils and women leaders on tropical islands and powerful spots in nature.

-Serves on boards, advisories, including on a multi-national council of frequency-holders for the reclamation of old growth forests and the spirit of Earth.

-has sparked spontaneous healings including cancerous tumors, complex immune conditions, and mental wellness concerns, as reported by clients since November 2000.

–  Reads the unique gifts, guides, purpose, and path of anyone, including those with larger spirit-bodies, billionaires, celebrities, and powerful spirit leaders.

Quirky Funny Mama

-Mom to two kids now in their twenties.

-Improviser and theatre geek.

-Inappropriate foot-in-mouth sense of humor with those in her inner circles.

-Known for making heady or esoteric stuff easily accessible, natural, and fun.

-Good teacher cause she’s made most of the mistakes, and wants to help you prevent making them too.

-Lives on her 20-acre forested sanctuary, Sacred Cedars, in Nevada City, CA, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, with her beloved, land-mates, goats and chickensA

Channel Your Genius

Channel Your Genius Academy has two parts:  The Wisdom Mentorship is her intuitive development school – a modern experiential mystery school for creatives.  And her Business Academy helps successful awakening wise-woman-professionals to grow their soul-inspired business  without losing their professional reputation, their relationships, or their flow of revenue.  She also offers VIP days, coaching sessions, and profound healing.


Channel Your Genius provides:


Clear your remaining fears and blocks with the 7 Life Initiations


Receive deep guidance on demand from your Invisible Team


Clarify your Soul's Gifts, so you can step into you true effortless genius.


Clarify the Magic Words that describe what you Really Are - a Valuable Expert.