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On today’s episode, Mellissa is speaking with Ara Lee Weldon, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Neurosculpting Fellow, and Movement and Meditation Artist, to discuss Neurosculpting, a transformational art. They discuss how releasing tension is a necessary tool to have a clear intuition.

Here's what we discussed in today's episode:

  • What it takes to get calm and clear about what our intuition is telling us
  • The movements to drop us into a peaceful connected state
  • How movements have the ability to change our thought patterns

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About Mellissa

Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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