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Curious about working with Mellissa?

Mellissa can help you bridge your intellect and intuition - to channel your own gifts, to create an ideal business strategy, and to activate your own power through healing your 7 Initiations.

But how?

Let’s discover the perfect-fit of support for you - take the WorkWithMe Survey now, and then if you’d like, we can talk more to individualize what you need.


Mellissa Seaman is an intuitive guide and strategic consultant of the highest order. I first found Mellissa when my life was unraveling in 2005. Not only did she help me put the pieces back together, she helped me discover and develop my inner gifts that became building blocks for both my personal and professional life. If you are ready to go to the next level in your mission and clarify your purpose, look no further than Mellissa.

~ Ariel White

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