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You’re a sensitive empathic gifted being, designed to emanate a healing or evolutionary energy everywhere you go.  You emanate your gift of healing evolutionary energy 24/7, to everyone around you, no matter what you are “doing.”  

People don’t realize how exhausting this can be for you.  Your role, your gift, and your worth are often invisible in this modern culture.  Underneath it all, Transmitters feel they are not cut out for “working hard for a living.”  

Many wish a patron would just hand them $1M for doing their sacred work!  And you’re right! 

If people understood the value of Transmitters, they’d make sure you have everything you need to be relaxed, open, and resourced.  Because when the Transmitters are taken care of, the whole culture benefits, heals, and evolves.  But these are different times.  

I want to give you some tips and secrets that can make this world easier for you.  I can even help you strategize a biz to get PAID for being what you naturally are.  To get your full report, where I share more secrets about YOU as a Transmitter (as well as more info on the other soul gift types), look for the full report in your email. 

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