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for Soul-Gifted People

Genius Revealer

A mini-course with videos and surveys that reveal your life purpose, your unique expertise, and your best role in the world.

Learn your gifts and your purpose today!

Welcome to the Genius Revealer!

Hi, I’m Mellissa Seaman, founder of the Soul Gift System. For over 20 years, my system has helped thousands of people identify their soul’s deepest gifts, and to align with their most easeful purpose and service by channeling their unique Genius.

This mini-course can be completed in just an hour, or over a few days – your choice.  You’ll take three fun quizzes to determine your soul’s gift, your right role in the world, and your type of genius.  Then you’ll be guided in a meditation and inquiry about your life’s crucibles, which will reveal your life purpose!  From there, you’ll receive a certificate of your uniquely gifted genius, so you never have to wonder again how to put words to your unique genius. 

In just a short time, this process will reveal

Your Intrinsic Soul Gifts​

so you can work with your gifts, not against them.

Your Right Role

so you can stop playing the wrong role in the world.

Your Genius Type

so you know which type of Genius you’re already channeling.

Your Life Purpose

so you can know with certainty what you are really here for

Your Natural Expertise

so you can stand in your natural value, be seen, appreciated, and rewarded for what you intrinsically are.

This fun swift process is changing lives of people all over the world.


And this $197 course is currently on sale!

Grab it for $47 while you can.

And if you agree to provide a bit of feedback, you'll get a
LIVE session with Mellissa!

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