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Thanks for taking the Soul Gift Quiz!

You got CREATOR on the Soul Gift Quiz. 


You’re a systems person, a builder, and a great critic.  Your soul came here to create, improve, and evolve organizations and systems.

To others, you sometimes seem like a know-it-all, but that’s because you really do know a LOT!  It is almost like you were here when the earth was created. 

You have always understood a lot of things others couldn’t see.  Even as a kid, you could offer constructive criticism.  But others have sometimes misunderstood you, seeing your help as picky critique. 

Creators are natural authorities, builders, and improvers of systems.  You sometimes live beyond the “rules” because you understand how and why the rules were made.

It’s important that you have a role/job where your input is valued and followed. I know you like a good system, so I’m excited to tell you more about your type, as well as the other 4 types. To get your complete report, check your inbox! 

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