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You got EXPLORER on the Soul Gift Quiz.


Your soul came here to test the limits, to expand beyond the edges, and to have adventures.  You are likely drawn to travel, and that may be far off the beaten path. 

You probably have experimented with different forms of relationships, of work situations, and of lifestyles.  You thrive on variety and adventure.  If you get stuck in your job behind a desk, we are all in trouble! 

Some Explorers find their adventure inside themselves, using medicine or meditation to dive into the interior realms.  But most Explorers need adventure on the external as well!  Many long to have the full location-freedom that an entrepreneurial business can provide, so they can live where they want, how they want, for as long as they want! 

By living out loud, and with your full freedom, you are an inspiration and a force for expanding outside the box. 

I’d like to share more with you about your type, and the other 4 soul gift types in this system.  I think you’d be curious to see what types your friends are, and you’ll understand how they see you as well!  Check your inbox for your full report.

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