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You got RESEARCHER on the Soul Gift Quiz. 


Your soul came here to see it all, take it in, and make sense of it.  Unlike the other types, you are not easily swayed by your emotions. 

You see the truth clearly.  You see the data, interpret it, and tell it like it is!  What a refreshing truth seer and teller you are! 

But this world is so messy, with so much chaos and contradiction, that sometimes you may need to go hide out in a world that makes sense – like in video gaming, or mythic stories or games.  Technology might come easily to you, because you can follow complicated logic. 

People confound you sometimes.  They are chaotic, dramatic, and often untruthful. Yet they are fascinating. Sometimes people may think you’re cold, uncaring, or detached.  Actually, you’re deeply curious, and you feel deeply.  You just don’t create drama around your feelings as other types do. 

I’d like to tell you more about your type, as well as the other 4 soul gift types in this system.  I think it will help you understand people, value yourself, and unlock your next level of genius!   Check your inbox to learn more.

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