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Get the clarity you need to attract clients and make money with your sacred work.

VAluable expert

Get the clarity you need to attract clients and make money with your sacred work.

Hard to describe what you do so well?

Claim Your Valuable Expertise!

Until you can describe your deep work in a few magic words, it will be hard to thrive.  Call it a niche, a specialty, a strategy… but until you’ve got the words, you won’t attract new clients easily.

For inspired, spiritual deep peeps like us, (especially for Transmitters) it can be so hard to find the words to describe what we do.  It has to be specific and clear, or people just glaze over. It has to be aligned, or your soul revolts.  You’ve found the direct course to finding the magic words that anchor your valuable expertise in the world. Does your heart say YES?

In just a short time, this course will reveal

Your Soul-Aligned Client

until you know the person your soul came here to serve, your offering won’t be powerful.

Your Specific Focus

because if you try to do the wrong business, your soul might sabotage you, your heart may ache in longing, and your biz won’t fly.

Your Ideal Offering

identify the offering you can make the world successfully, and how to charge good money for what you do.

Your Perfect Niche

One that does not trap you, but rather calls in the right happy-to-pay clients at the right time – sets you free.


Your Perfect Words

so that every time you speak about your work, everyone understands your value, your expertise, and the power of your work.

Easy to get raving fans, referral sources, and new clients.


I'm finally ready to be seen, respected, and paid well!

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