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Wisdom Mentorship

In the Premium level of the Wisdom Collective, you get a private group, a monthly 1-on-1 session, plus in-person quarterly retreats.

Wisdom Mentorship

In the Premium level of the Wisdom Collective, you get a private group, a monthly 1-on-1 session, plus in-person quarterly retreats.

An elevated level of the Wisdom Collective…

Add personalized support and small group mastermind to your Wisdom Collective so you can...

  •  Receive your monthly private 1-on-1 tune-up with Mellissa and Alora to keep your energy clear.
  • Enjoy quarterly day-long land retreats with ceremony (or tune in online)
  • Put your guides to work in your life, with support from this wise-woman circle, so you don’t have to do it all alone. 
  • Stay in perfect timing with a rhythm and calendar that syncs you with the natural cycles of ease. 
  • Tune your manifestation powers with this resonant field, to stay in your  flow state to create miracles. 
  • Relax into your Community with this intimate circle of channels of genius from all over the world.

Value of What You Get Monthly:

Private Distance Tune-up Session with Mellissa or Alora worth $750/mo

In-Person (or live video) Retreat day 4x year worth $500/mo

Private Mentorship Circle forum with Mellissa worth $500/mo

Live Wisdom Collective classes, calendar and more worth $95/mo

Total Estimated Value  $1,895.00+/month 

Introductory price you can lock-in today (4 month min)

What is included?

Wisdom Collective PLUS Mentorship sessions, private circle, and retreats!

Wisdom Mentorship is the premium level of the Wisdom Collective.

So of course you get the Wisdom Collective for starters.

  • Weekly classes with real-deal wisdom-keepers
  • Clearings powered by a potent collective of wise women.
  • Magical calendar to keep you aligned with natural cycles of ease.
  • And so much magic…

Monthly PRIVATE Tune-Up sessions with Mellissa & Alora

Each month, according to your needs and your unique path, you get a one-on-one Tune-Up Session which includes a powerful distance clearing AND a clarifying mini-reading with a 5 min audio recording where Mellissa or Alora (Mellissa’s master healer!) clears what’s in the way, and reveals the answer to your most pressing question. People pay over $750 for this type of session every month.

RETREAT day on Mellissa’s land

Mentorship members only are invited to come to Mellissa’s land for the quarterly daylong retreats including ceremony and hangout time.  If you choose to come in person, you will  experience the crystal clear outdoor swimming pond and waterfalls, the goats, chickens, creek, forest and the hand-made cob temple. And if you can’t come in person, the ceremony will be live-cast so you can still participate. These retreats are offered quarterly, and are worth $1500 and more each.

Private Mastermind Group on Circle

Located on an app and web platform called “Circle” our forum is NOT located on Facebook. But it has many of the fun ways to connect via messaging, private groups, video, audio, and more. Having a mastermind group and forum where you can ask questions, share wins, and get support is a wonderful addition to your learning, clearing, and healing. Mellissa is known for holding a fun empowering space. Sensitive people feel the energetic support every day. Memberships and masterminds that offer this sort of juicy community connecting and Q&A coaching are often priced at $500+ per month.

A Powerful Community Container to Hold You!

We wise women need each other.  And we need a bit of structure to maintain our leadership capacity, to stay clear, to receive support – so that we can also hold the others in our lives we are tending!  The curriculum and calendar for the program works with a different power, initiation, and archetype each month. You’ll be guided through each month to connect with a new power inside yourself (your 12 archetypes) through simple ceremonies, clearings, practices and activation experiences. This allows you to move through and receive healing for all sides of yourself in the course of one year. You’ll be woven into the supportive fabric of the Mentorship circle, with other Wise Women who get you.  It is a powerful intimate container.  All of this together, provides you with a potent mentorship experience for less than $500/month.  As long as you stay in, you’ll be locked in at this price even as the price goes up for others who join later.  There are a limited number of spots in the Mentorship level, so if the button says “Join Waitlist,” that is because the program is full, and you can wait for spots to open.

Introductory Price for Founders Only

As you can see above, the private session each month is worth more than worth the monthly fee we are starting with now!

Every time I start a new program, I offer the best deal for my insiders, and let them lock in at the lowest rate. You can still get the founding rate, but not for long.

This Wisdom Mentorship provides the often-missing piece for many intuitive wise ones - the personalized energy clearing and support we need to stay in our abundance mode. Join now for only $497/mo!

Six Benefits of Wisdom Mentorship

Let me remind you why you need this program, in addition to your business coach,  your physical body care, and the other investments in your life.  There are six NECESSARY nourishments that every intuitive wise one needs to stay in their happy abundant flow. This wisdom mentorship is designed to provide access to all of these.

Deep acknowledgment – of you, what you really are, what you are meant to do next, your deepest value, your gifts, your unique beauty. Here, your gifts, your path, and your unique way of connecting spirit and earth will be acknowledged and honored. You will have private attention, a deep reflection and acknowledgment, every month directly from me. This is one of my deepest gifts and I want to share it with you. When you receive deep acknowledgement, you are freed up. Let me be your magic mirror to stay on your wisdom path.

Perfect Timing – when you are aligned with the cycles of ease, your own rhythms, and the rhythms of nature, everything flows your way. Serendipity is one word for this perfectly synced magical life that effortlessly creates beauty, wealth, and a life worth living. Here, you will have access to a calendar that flows with the natural cycles that can support you – your healing and abundance. The themes and lessons here align with the monthly energies that most people have forgotten to honor. We make it easy to come into sync with the cycles of abundance and release together.

Web of Sisterhood/Siblinghood – we all need a circle of peeps who understand that we are on a deeper mission, who can celebrate our wins and support us in our challenges. We are all healing the wounds of feeling misunderstood, unseen, even betrayed in the past. But we know that now is the time to move into a deeper and mature connection with each other. The age of the guru is over. Circles can achieve the impossible. Here, you will have connection with a group of like-minded wise ones every day, personal connection with me as your mentor, and juicy in-person gatherings where you can make lifelong friendships with people who really get you.

Energy Body Stewardship – particularly for us sensitives, empaths, and intuitively gifted folk, we have to stay clear and clean energetically to operate well and feel good. We cannot afford to get gunked up by others’ emotions, fears, thoughts. And of course we still need to be connected to what’s genuinely happening in the world. How can we manage this without escaping or putting our heads in the sand? How can we stay connected in a rapidly changing world without collapsing or exhausting ourselves?

Of course we do our own practices, maintain our energy in self-responsible ways.  But it sure helps to have a master energy clearing tune-up once a month to get the stuff that you have a hard time clearing on your own!

Direct Spiritual Connection –when you allow your spirit team, your guides, your angels to support you in your everyday life in an organized way, you no longer have to go it alone. You feel confident, loved, supported and strong. You allow your guides to set you up with mini miracles every day. Here, your personalized sessions as well as your guided exercises and revealing lessons will all open and connect to your deeper guidance. Whether you hear them, feel them, or see visions, you will be supported to develop your own way to reap the benefits of your invisible team every day.

CoCreation with Spirit and Earth – Your big visions can be actualized in the real world. But it will require clearing and activating all four types of your intuitive genius, so you can channel your genius in full integrity with spirit and earth. So many self-named visionaries are missing the three prerequisites to spiritual/visionary mastery. Embodied intuition, creative intuition, and integrative/relational intuition must be cleared and activated first, before tapping the Visionary fully. Here in the mentorship, we will use the seasons of the year to activate your Intuitive genius in all four areas, upgrading you from your previous cycle, and activating your power to create reality from your inspired vision. This is an almost lost art, which we are reclaiming together. With permission and protocol, we are weaving ancient ways, simple fun exercises, and potent ceremonies to activate you into your next level of easeful abundant creative flow.

Want Access to my Business Academy too?

Yes, you can have BOTH my Wisdom Mentorship AND my Business Academy where I can coach and train you to find your perfect marketing words for your deep work, and even to create a lead-gen quiz that makes client attraction easy!  The intro price for BOTH of these is $750/month.  Reach out to us at support@channelyourgenius.com to inquire.