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Intuitive Power and Business Success

intuitive power and business success

For mid-aged women of professional backgrounds who are now ready to bring their deeper gifts and work to the world, Channel Your Genius offers …
Because Wise Women are the ones who lead from wisdom, with ease and connected grace, to guide us into a positive future.

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Hi I’m Mellissa

I’m a Stanford-educated former business attorney turned deep intuitive. Fortune 500 execs, creative tech founders, and world-class artists and professional creatives hire me to clarify their best focus and expertise, clear the blocks to success, build smart business strategies with integrity, co-create with their intuition and spirit guides, and to become channels of ease, wisdom, and prosperity.

Since I turned 50 a few years back, I’ve realized the importance of spiritually mature women for leading the world into a positive future. So I devote my work to empowering and lifting the Wise Women, professional creative and intuitively gifted women in the second (best) half of their lives. When we Wise Women learn to channel our genius, we can collectively shift our global culture back towards love –  our systems, our organizations, our families, our industries, our world.

Welcome, Wise One. I’ve created here a one stop shop for you.  Here, I’ve got your back – with the deep support, healing, guidance and strategy you need.  It’s time.  Open your channel, discover your new genius, and step up into your next level of leadership as a Wise Woman Queen.

Work With Me

I offer a number of services and programs that support Wise Women to become purposeful prosperous Channels of Genius. Check out the core offerings below, or click the button below to take a short assessment to discover your best fit for working with me!

CYG Wisdom Mentorship

A Modern Mystery School designed just for you.

CYG Business Academy

Business Development for Intuitives with Integrity

VIP Clarity Session

Mellissa reveals & writes your soul-aligned business plan and magnetic copy, all in one day.