Channel Your Genius

What if our world's top leaders
were channeling the highest wisdom?
It starts with you.

Channel Your Genius

Empowering our leaders to channel,
And channels to leadership.

Hi, I’m Mellissa Seaman

I’m a Stanford-educated former attorney turned Intuitive Strategist.

I have created a system and community to reveal your deepest gifts, connect you with your intrinsic power, and position you in the world as a valued expert.

I support creative professionals and visionary leaders to embody intellect and intuition with integrity.  And I help intuitively gifted people to make sense of their evolutionary services so they can prosper and do what their soul came here to do.

Welcome to this page, and to this work.

I invite you to get started by taking my Soul Gift Quiz.


I know it’s not always easy to be a Channel of Genius

You may face challenges like these:


about your specific purpose, spinning your wheels, wasting time.


trying to describe your unique purpose and value to others without sounding cuckoo, woo-woo, or irrelevant.


with people loving your work, but not paying you well for it.

Feeling alone

in your devotion, your depth, and your intuitive connection.


with the myriad of new and strange experiences that come with intuitive awakening.


that you’ll ever have the time/energy/free time to focus on doing what your soul came here to do

Feeling invisible

because you’re honored and paid for something that doesn’t fit or fulfill you.


if you’re here to do this big important inspired thing, why isn’t it easy?

Feeling drained

and down as a sensitive empath in a suffering world.

It's time for leaders to co-create
with the highest powers of evolution
and innovation, in full integrity.

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Channel Your Genius Academy
with Mellissa

Channel Your Genius is a year-long membership experience where leaders can feel supported, uplifted, inspired, and receive step-by-step guidance to discover their unique gifts, open to channeling real world results in the easiest way possible, and to leverage the world of meaning to be effective, fulfilled, and inspiring innovators who create real world results and lasting prosperity.

It’s a healing center, mystery school, and business school all in one – designed for creative professionals who are following their deepest calling, utilizing their most profound gifts, and collaborating with the spirit of creation itself.

It is designed to provide the support every Channel of Genius needs to succeed.

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