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Joan Juliet Buck’s acclaimed 2017 memoir The Price of Illusion blasts light on the spell of glamour and into the many, now-imperiled, worlds of Conde Nast.

An American raised in Paris and London, features editor of British Vogue at 23 , the author of two novels went on to be a mainstay of American Vogue, Vanity Fair, Traveler, and occasionally The New Yorker  , Vogue’s film critic , a member of the New York Film Festival Selection Committee, and for almost 7 years, editor-in-chief of French Vogue.   

Post-Vogue, she has acted onstage and on screen, performed monologues and  stories for “The Moth”, where her “ Ghost of The Rue Jacob” is a perennial hit. She lives in upstate New York, and can be found in many of the new magazines: Buffalozine, Encens, The Skirt Chronicles, Self Service, Upstate Diary, etc.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode: 

(Note: This interview is conducted by Joan Buck FOR Mellissa Seaman)

  • Re-birth & Being Re-born
  • Connection with the Spiritual; Curiosity of Other Religions 
  • Failure and The Power of Improv
  • De-Programming
  • Choosing Yes or No
  • Giving Up Control
  • Healing & Speaking YOUR Truth
  • Alignment of Love 
  • Protection of Your Space, Channel, and Health 
  • Generational History and Understanding of Self
  • Plant and Natural Medicines

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  • Judy McNutt says:

    Fascinating! Although the details are different I feel definite correlation along the paths of our unfoldment. Brave and Bold first podcast, Brava!

  • Amir says:

    So good to get to know you better!

  • Hai Melissa, when I am honest the idea listening ,1,5 hour was a bit long for me, but it was worth it ;-). Thanks for your openness and honesty on many recognizable items.
    As a re-starting artist (not a lawyer;-)the -ofcourse!!asking money for the energy-work you do (I did it often in my career;painting walls and releasing old energies automatically..)is encouraging and might be an interesting extra item for the website I am building;-).. (2 more weeks?)But the most important part for me where the last 5minutes. This truth spoken, to lay your destiny, the intention of all you do in the hands of the Spirit(s) that lead you, to surrender completely to what comes is THE key I feel I just needed NOW.!
    So THANKS !Also for your work, this course!! Warm greetings,
    Corine van der Werf

  • Pamela Murray says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your journey. The intimate details of how you live Your Truth are an example for us all. I am honored with the wisdom of your gifts. Blessed Be!

  • OMGoodness! I absolutely loved this podcast! I have followed Joan since before her book was published and was so excited to see her on this podcast!!! I LOVE her book and those stories, plus her posts swirl around my memory whenever certain”names” are dropped!
    But Melissa, I have only recently been introduced to. I am heading straight for her website to sign up for everything she has to offer! Catholism, spirits, fashion, Hollywood, law, Paris….who could ask for more!? You girls should do a show together!!!And I’ll never forget the ecstatic birth!!!

  • Christine Kluck says:

    This was a thrilling and inspiring interview.
    The profound coverage lead through differen layers od life in a somewhat transformative way for the listener.
    Thank you for the boost in frequency.

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