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Jim Niswonger is a marketing consultant and genius strategist committed to helping people express their genius and escape the traps that mediocrity pulls them in to. Jim has written $5M worth of launch scripts and emails, but he really loves focusing on the genius behind what pushes people to do what they do, especially when it becomes routine. 

In the last 12 months, Jim has helped clients generate $2.9 million in sales through webinars and product launches.

He’s been asked to teach his best strategies quite a bit at private events in the coaching/transformation space, including the Conscious Business Network, Joint Venture Experience, Thrive JV Retreat and the JVIC Rockstars.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Hitting Our Targets
  • The Invisible Genius
  • Mediocracy
  • “Red Queen Dilemma” 
  • Reconnecting With Our Identity 
  • The “Three Keys”

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  • Carol Millar says:

    Fabulous interview on the system of mediocracy fed to many for so long. Often beginning in early childhood. I watched and fought it in the school system for my genius son.
    Thank you Melissa and Jim Niswonger for your voice!
    Blessings Carol Millar

  • Aurelie says:

    I just wanted to say, thanks, Melissa, for all that you are doing <3

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