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The TRANSMITTER’s dilemma: How to navigate out of the Transmitter Trap using the 5 Masteries to stand fully as a Channel of Genius.

Transmitters are our sensitives, our empaths, our gifted energetic healers and evolutionaries.  They hold the secrets the world needs now.  But they are often exhausted, discouraged, and beaten down by a world that doesn’t know yet how to see, honor, and reward them for their magic.  This episode reveals the Transmitter Trap, and the 5 steps that Transmitter types must master in order to become empowered, happy, and prosperous.  This is the first episode in a series introducing the work of Mellissa’s course, Transmitter Empowerment which is a deeper dive into this work. 

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Overview of the Series
  • Introducing the ‘5 Masteries’
  • The Transmitter’s Dilemma
  • Understanding Transmitters
  • Collective Pain 

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