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Transmitter’s Mastery 4: Relevance – Make Sense of your Unique Gifts

In a modern world, Transmitters are misunderstood, undervalued, and misused.  In a different culture – a more mystic-friendly culture – Transmitters would be honored, validated, supported, and even revered.  But in today’s technology and production driven culture, unfortunately, those who are energetically gifted are often considered silly or irrelevant, or on occasion, demonized out of ignorance.  So, even though it may not seem just, Transmitters must take it upon ourselves to be Relevant.  In a culture steeped in ignorance about energetic realities, it is up to the Transmitters and sensitives to educate others about our gifts, to explain their usefulness, and to stand up for the energetic gifts, alone and together as a community.  In this episode, Mellissa explains how to position yourself as relevant, beneficial, and useful right here, right now.  This allows you be seen, appreciated, and valued, so you can stand tall and feel full welcome in your community.  This is an episode in a series introducing the work of Mellissa’s course, Transmitter Empowerment which is a deeper dive into this work.  

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Educating Others
  • Energy
  • Natural World
  • Overcoming the ‘Ego Thrill’
  • Relevance & Defensiveness

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One Comment

  • Aliandra says:

    Thank you so much, Mellissa. I totally resonate. I know you have taken the time to discover/understand who you/we are, & to make the most of this amazing opportunity/gift of Life & being a transmitter in this world! Grateful 💗

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