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Transmitter’s Mastery 5: Reward – Set Yourself Up to be Seen, Received, and Even Paid

Transmitters are not generally driven by greed. They tend to be generous by nature. So they do not often fit the model of capitalism and hard-driving competition that others value.  But it is critical that our Transmitters are provided for, so that they can nourish, nurture, and heal themselves on a daily basis.  Transmitters need extra care, as they are sensitive like a refined instrument or technology.  They need more sleep, pure food and water, and a nurturing environment in order to resonate at their best frequency, and thereby transmit their highest healing energies to the world.  Too often, Transmitters are misunderstood as selfish divas, just because they really do need more care due to their sensitivities.  People don’t understand that if they are well cared for, they naturally and inexhaustibly pour out good things into the world.  They give far more than they require to operate at optimum levels.  This episode will provide the basic information on how a Transmitter can position their own gifts and role in the world to be valued, appreciated, and finally PAID well for what they do.  This is an episode in a series introducing the work of Mellissa’s course, Transmitter Empowerment which is a deeper dive into this work.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Financial Struggles
  • Needs of a Transmitter
  • Gaining What You’re Worth
  • Strategizing Business 
  • Receiving Over Giving

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  • Margo Boele says:

    Dear Melissa,
    I love your work.
    As a transmitter I would like to do the Genius test to know what genius I have next to the transmitter.
    My internet was down so I could’nt do it and now i can not find it back.
    (The test of 29 dollar)
    Thanks for all this great work you do!!!!

    Thank jou so much,
    Kind regards,
    Margo Boele

  • Russel says:

    Ahh ha! Thanks for the deep dive. Appreciate your wisdom, and knowledge. I’m gonna do better. Work smarter.

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