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Transmitter’s Mastery 1: Clarity – Clearing the Transmitter Fog

Because Transmitters soak up others’ energies, often without knowing how to clear their layers, they are more often confused, foggy, drained, tired, and sometimes feeling trapped under strange limits on their partnership, potential, and prosperity.  It’s not enough to simply take a breath or sit with a crystal, although light clearing can help.  Transmitters need to learn how to clear themselves in each of three layers.  Otherwise the uncleared layers can infect one another. In this episode, Mellissa introduces some ways to tell what needs cleared, and how to clear them so that Transmitters can feel clear and confident. This is an episode in a series introducing the work of Mellissa’s course, Transmitter Empowerment which is a deeper dive into this work. 

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Introducing Transmitter Mastery 1: Clarity
  • The ‘Fog’ 
  • 3 Levels of Clarity 
  • Bubbles, Boundaries and Straws

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