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In today’s episode, I am continuing the conversation on Soul Gift types. In fact, this is our final episode in the soul gift series and what better way to wrap up that with the most exciting soul gift, the Explorers! These souls came to this planet to test the edges, experience life fully, and try things no one has done before. These are people who are consistently trying new things, testing possibilities and limits, travelling, trying different personalities, styles and relationships. 

So, tune in to this episode to learn more about these adventurous and fun souls!

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Characteristics of an explorer
  • Ways to Expand Your Life and Expression
  • Being a Growth Catalyst  
  • What Explorers Need
  • Explorers in Business

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One Comment

  • Kaytlyn Creutzberg says:

    Wonderful! Just say the word cub*cle, and I go crazy! Pandemic of Possibility is how to look at these times and testing the limits is the only way for me to be! Thanks for the reminder about movement. We all need that! This is bull’s eye! It helps with my journey to self-acceptance of my freak flag 😉

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