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In this interesting 20-minute podcast episode,  I’m sharing the secrets of your BIRTH as a rite of passage, and what it says about your Embodied Genius. We are discussing what you can do to increase your Embodied Genius such as somatic counseling and ceremony where you heal up the Rites of Passage you might not have received fully due to living in a crazy techno busy modern culture! So listen in and get ready for one insightful episode.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • What Embodied Genius really is
  • How you can increase your Embodied Genius
  • The birth rite of passage
  • Laying the foundation for your Embodied Genius

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  • Dont say much. When we do it comes out wrong, beligerant ignorant hurtful. So so so many others. What im trying to say is Thank you:) Thank you for standing up. For all of us. Thank you for your knowledge and Patience. Thanks.

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