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On today's episode...

Dr. Hadiya Sewer, an Africana philosopher, Decolonial Advisor, and spiritual Oracle, manages in this episode to show us the path of bridging spirituality with decolonial healing, land healing, and social justice. She asks us the right questions, like the one above, and then gives us some answers.

Dr. Sewer shares that when we have a spiritual awakening that includes indigenous symbols and ways, we want to balance our inspiration directly from spirit with our awareness of how power flows here in the mundane world. She says spirit calls us to be comrades, and yes, it’s challenging to get everything “right” in the politically correct ways. Yet we are being called to connect, to walk a path of Love as we stay responsible for how we impact the structures and flows of power.

Here's what we discussed in today's episode:

  • How ethical branding can cultivate Love and comfort in an institution.
  • Spiritual teachings as de-colonization
  • Mary Magdalene mysteries
  • Our displacement from our ancestors
  • Spirit follows us and will communicate when we allow it to

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