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for Soul-Gifted People

Genius Revealer

Reveal your right role, life purpose, and your natural expertise

Did you enjoy the Soul Gift Quiz?

Then you will LOVE the Genius Revealer.

Now that you know your Soul Gift, we can learn your secondary soul gift, and your genius type… and you will learn your Right Role… Alchemist or Oracle? Director or Builder?
There are 25 Right Roles, with fun videos that introduce you to each one. You’ll learn which one you are, and you can finally stop struggling doing things that don’t fit your natural expertise!

In just a short time, this process will reveal

Your Secondary Soul Gift
in addition to the primary one you learned with the quiz
Your Right Role
so you can stop playing the wrong role!
Your Genius Type
so you know which type of Genius you’re already channeling
Your Life Purpose
yes, for reals. You will be guided to de-code your true purpose here
Your Natural Expertise
because you are inherently really great at something, and it may be so effortless that you don’t realize what you’re good at!

This fun swift process is changing lives of people all over the world.


I'm ready. Tell me my Genius Type!

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