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Create your Quiz
& Automatic Client Attraction System

Four months of
Step-by-step live training, templates, personalized coaching,
and even a retreat on the land
With extra bonuses too!
All for $2950

This Quiz Creation Program is Different

It’s designed to build a quiz that connects deeply, transforms people, and generates trust and readiness to invest.

Normal lame-ass quizzes don’t work for deep transformative services.

You need more.

Not just a bucket quiz that segments leads on a spreadsheet.

Not just a fun dumb quiz that distracts people.

I will teach you how to make a quiz system that reflects the depth and power of your work, with fun live instruction, coaching, and step-by-step guidance.

Your Quiz Will…

  • Be totally unique, creative, and reflect your sacred work (cause you’re one-of-a-kind!)
  • Position you as the top expert in your field (Speak about your quiz and get 90% of the audience to opt in!)
  • Form immediate deep connection with peeps, (so you don’t hustle for clients anymore)
  • Make them weep a bit at feeling so seen, (so they know and trust you immediately)
  • Explain what the heck you do (so you never have to repeat yourself again)
  • Position the higher value of your transformational work (so you can charge more $$$$)
  • Leave them ready to enthusiastically invest with you. (no more “sales calls” with non-fit people)
letting an old friend go

You will have access to ALL of Mellissa's results-driven trainings, and her personalized coaching inside the group for one full year, to help you implement everything you want!

  • Create your Quiz Marketing System that engages and pre-qualifies your ideal clients so they’re ready to invest – Channel Your People (taught LIVE Spring 2021)
  • Claim the Perfect Words that describe your natural expertise and attract ideal clients with Channel Your Business, the only business training program designed for transmitters and channels of genius.
  • Create Online Courses that are transformative, beautiful, engaging and magical too – with Channel Your Course.
  • Release your blocks to wealth, success, and happiness by healing your first 5 Foundational life passages in Channel Your Initiations.
  • Perfect your signature talk template, and learn to lead webinars that inspire and enroll with integrity and grace in Broadcast Your Genius
  • And more… Transmitter Empowerment, Genius Revealer, Channel Your Genius, Channel Your Academy… EVERYthing I feel you need to grow and expand your spiritual business in full integrity and spirit.

Academy includes ALL of these courses. Weekly lessons and coaching at the Thursday 12pm PST classes. Mellissa provides personalized direct coaching on all classes in the private FB group, including copy edits, strategy suggestions, and direct downloads of the right magic words to describe your sacred work.

With this program, you’ll design your quiz including all the following, with expert guidance and feedback:

The Quiz itself…

  • Your client archetype system,
  • quiz positioning, invitation and name,
  • questions and multiple choice answers,
  • short results paragraphs that inspire and connect.

Plus the followup that turns people into buyers:

  • the long results paragraph and initial offer,
  • the post-quiz nurture sequence,
  • and the pre-qualification survey that assures they are good potential clients before they get on a sales call with you!

Tending each aspect along the way results in a quiz that doesn’t just gather new emails for a list, but actually does the connection, education, and sales work FOR you.

Hi! I'm Mellissa.

If there’s ONE business strategy that sets transformational coaches, healers, and evolutionary visionaries free from the hustle and grind of client attraction, it’s the system I now simply refer to as The QUIZ!

Ever since creating my Soul Gift Quiz almost ten years ago, business has been SO much easier. Let me tell how how wonderful it is…

  • No more hustling new clients, chasing leads, or one-on-one pitches.
  • I get hundreds of qualified leads each month, with an ad spend under $100.
  • Every time I speak on a stage or podcast, I mention the quiz and get HUGE opt-in (like more than 90% of live audiences take the quiz while I’m speaking!)
  • New people fall in love with me through the quiz and follow up emails.
  • People have big meaningful realizations – just through the QUIZ! So it’s a gift to the world, whether they work with me or not.
  • I get dozens of thank you emails in my inbox – thanking me for the quiz itself.
  • People feel seen, understood and respected by me- long before I meet them.
  • I have dozens filling out my Work With Me survey, basically applying to work with me.
  • By the time someone is on a call with me, I know who they are deeply, what they need, what they’ll spend, and how they want to work with me. So efficient!

So THAT’s why I am teaching this unique deep quiz-creation process. I realize my expertise in creating engaging surveys began when I studied psychology of surveys at Stanford University under Professor Berger. And I began my study of the power of archetypes also at college through studying story, myth, and improvisation. Little did I know that these skills would one day open the door to the very best form of marketing I can find – one based in self-reflection, compassion, connection, and deep transformation.

I’ve been honing this system for years, sharing it with clients who are getting great results from their quizzes. And now I’m excited to share it with YOU!


Channel Your Genius Academy

Quiz Creation Program

Quiz Creation with Mellissa
Business Academy with Wisdom Mentorship
March 1 - June 30, 2023
LIVE Weekly Class
on Thursdays at 12pm PST  (recordings available) – trainings, Clearings, and Live Coaching
Personalized Coaching and copy review with Mellissa anytime in the Private Group Forum
Templates, handouts, and examples that are proven effective.
Access to ALL of Mellissa’s transformational business courses, including Signature Talk, Online Course building, Compassionate Marketing, and more.
Access to ALL of Mellissa’s Wisdom Mentorship courses and forum, to help you grow your intuitive power, increase your manifestation abilities, and connect with spirit in your own way.
Community with other transformational wisdom-based business owners.
An in-person (or online) retreat day on June 29 on Mellissa’s land to celebrate.

Major Bonuses

In addition to this quiz training, you’ll get access to ALL of Mellissa’s courses and communities in BOTH her Business Academy AND Wisdom Mentorship!

You’ll access these trainings as a bonus:

  • Claim the Perfect Words that describe your natural expertise and attract ideal clients with Channel Your Business, the only business training program designed for transmitters and channels of genius.
  • Create Online Courses that are transformative, beautiful, engaging and magical too – with Channel Your Course.
  • Release your blocks to wealth, success, and happiness by healing your first 5 Foundational life passages in Channel Your Initiations.
  • Perfect your signature talk template, and learn to lead webinars that inspire and enroll with integrity and grace in Broadcast Your Genius
  • Grow and Expand your spiritual business in full integrity with Transmitter Empowerment, Genius Revealer, Channel Your Genius, Channel Your Academy, and more!
  • Access Mellissa’s Magical Calendar that shows you the best days throughout the year for manifestation, for clearing, and for laying low!
  • Genius Experiments – You’ll have access to the Mystery School exercises that help Mellissa’s clients stay clear, grounded, happy, and manifesting all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I’ll get results?

You know because you’re promising yourself to actually do the work.  What you’ll get here in the Academy (and yes this is a PROMISE) is ALL the step by step training, the support, the feedback, the clearings, and the community support to reach the goals of each class. But if you don’t come to class, don’t post for feedback in the group, don’t engage the clearings when you’re stuck, don’t ask questions, don’t receive the support that will be offered you again and again, will be successful in avoiding success. 😉 I’ve created this Academy to make it a simple step-by-step process that will not overwhelm or lose you.  I’ve created this Academy specifically for intuitive creatives who need clearing and deep support in addition to clear lessons, checklists, worksheets, and action steps. I’ve created this entire Academy to get you RESULTS.

How am I going to afford this program?

I know it’s a big decision to invest in yourself and in growing your business.  I’ve done it many times myself.  And this “how will I afford it” is always one voice in the mix.  But I want to remind you that this is a program that will grow your business and your income.  You are paying to be able to make significantly MORE money.  Forever. So I encourage you to do a cost benefits sort of analysis.  Remember that you can make a lot more money when you create the systems I’m about to teach you. I know that other programs that include guidance and feedback from the actual master teacher tend to be $20K and up.  I keep my program very affordable because I want to make sure that it’s accessible to those I want to lift up in the world.

Is this program for me?

If you made it this far, yah.  Probably.  Here’s who the Academy is designed for.

  • For people starting a brand new biz, or who have a business you are refining to scale, grow, and refine… the Academy has what you need.
  • Energetically aware, sensitive, and creative smart people who have wisdom, healing, or transformation to bring the world in the form of their service-based business.
  • Smart folks who like to balance the deep meaning of good woo stuff with real pragmatic results.
  • Leaders of integrity who care about diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion.
  • Entrepreneurs who recognize that growing a business is also a deep personal development journey. (This program is half business school, half mystery school, because that’s what sensitives need to succeed.)
  • Creatives who like both flexibility and a guiding structure.  You can pick and choose which classes to take in which order.  Or you can go along with what I’m teaching on the live calls at that time.

In summary, this program is for you if you’ve got transformative work pouring through that must reach the world.  It’s for you if you need to do business in compassion and integrity – not business “as usual.”  It’s for you if you want to partner with spirit in creating prosperity and impact.  It’s for you if you walk in both worlds.  It’s for you if you are a bridge between the world of meaning and the “real” world.  It’s for you if you’re ready to finally grow into a more easeful prosperous way of giving this world your best.

Will this program give me enough individual direct support?

This program is designed to give you all the direct support you need as you walk yourself through the lessons, the worksheets, the action plans.  We have several layers of this program, based on how much you want to do yourself, and how much you want me to do for you.

Even the basic level gives you access to all the material and the live classes, and you get direct personal coaching anytime you need it by posting in our secret Facebook group.  Like, you post your class description and I freaking edit it.  A lot of support.  But you have to post.  You have to share.  You have to do your homework, and then I give you the answers for you.

What are the Live Classes like?

Our LIVE weekly classes happen Thursdays at 12pm PST.  They happen every week throughout the full year, except we don’t do classes in August or December – just to take a break.  The weekly class is one hour long.  No more, no less.  One hour.  In that hour, we enjoy a palpable clearing and alignment exercise in the first 10-15 minutes, leveraging the incredible power of our group of channels from all over the world.  Then we usually teach something for 20-40 minutes.  Sometimes we do full on coaching the whole time.  We often have 30-40 people on the call on any weekly class, which is hosted on Zoom. People tend to show up for the classes because honestly they are fun, and the clearing leaves us all feeling so much lighter and better!

I've been burned by other coaches before... Can I trust this?

Ugh.  I must say, I’ve also spent money in the past that I wish I could get back.  I’ve invested in online courses that ended up being a file folder of numbered audio tracks.  Boring.  Dumb. Disappointing. One reason I created this Academy is that sensitive peeps like us need regular clearings and inner work to stay open enough to take easy action in the real world.  So it may be that you simply had more of a muggle coach who didn’t know how to work with someone as deep as you.  They might have been more of an analytical “follow my system” person.  I’m not that.  I teach you to create your own unique system to fit your own unique gifts.  I show you my systems, and I show you many options for creating your own.  But overall I say:  Trust your gut.  You’re an intuitive. Sign up when you are a Resonant Yes.  I trust you.

What if I sign up but then I hate it?

You’ve got 2 weeks to come in, look around, and ask for a refund if you hate it.  I don’t want to have people in the class who hate it! Sheesh!  But on the other hand, this is a one-year commitment for both of us.  We are in this together.  So after that 2 weeks, you’re committing to being IN!   If you choose a payment plan, you are promising to continue making payments, regardless.  It is not a subscription where you can quit and cancel whenever the going gets tough. Our commitment is what makes the program work.

Money Back Guarantee: If you participate fully in the Academy for one year, attending classes, working through all the modules, doing all the homework and posting it in the FB group for feedback, and taking action as directed in the classes to grow your biz, but after 12 months you still feel you didn’t get your value from this class, we will happily refund your money.

Have more questions?

Please email us at support@channelyourgenius.com or click the button below to contact us through our webform.