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Your Soul Gift is Messenger. You’ve always been a listener and a talker. It seems you are here to inspire and educate others. You are meant to be a teacher, a thought-leader, and maybe even the founder of a movement.

You hear voices… in a good way! There is always a conversation happening inside your mind. You see many different perspectives, and you have a gift for translating and mediating between different viewpoints. You are constantly looking for the way to make sense of the mysteries in life. You can feel moved deeply when an important truth is expressed with grace and style.

You feel enraged when you feel silenced by someone. Or if you have been silenced throughout your life, you may feel moody and frustrated because you’ve never really been heard.

Under the Messenger category, there are specialty gifts. You might be a Translator, a Scribe, a Transmission Teacher, or an Initiator.

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