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Your Value is going UP, Not Down, in MidAge!
[Part 3 of 5]

If you came from a corporate background, and perhaps even an Ivy League education like I did, then you might be worried that following your heart’s calling might damage your perceived value and achievable revenue.

You will be happy to learn that you can make as much or more money doing your soul’s work than you ever created in your previous career.

In today’s episode, I will share with you the most important key in how to position, brand, and increase value of your sacred work.

One hint is it has to do with accessing all of the various gifts, experiences, and expertise as you have walked in your lifetime. I have a short and affordable class that helps you reveal these important ingredients. It is the first step to anchoring your new wise women expertise.  The Genius Revealer was created to reveal your right role, life purpose, and your natural expertise all in one short affordable guided class with fun self-assessments. The best part? After you finish this powerful course and you provide feedback, you’ll get invited to a LIVE group reading/session with me!  https://channelyourgenius.com/genius-revealer-2/