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Your 3 Wisdom Magnets to Attract Worthy Clients
[Part 4 of 5]

Marketing in your wise woman years needs to be easy, efficient, and magnetic. Here’s how.

In a world where everyone (including your ideal clients and community) are overwhelmed by superficial and manipulative marketing messages and tactics, you need an automated inroad for your clients that stands apart from the rest.

In today’s short episode, I am going to give you the map for how to create an engaging, intimate feeling, and deeply motivating quiz and follow up marketing path for your business. It is a wonderful way to touch people’s hearts, to benefit them regardless of whether they work with you, and to have the perfect fit ones fall in love with you and happily invest in your work. With just this one type of quiz design that works for Wise Women, your clients are given the chance to self-select as members of your circle, and show up ready to invest in your profound work, without you chasing, hustling, or schmoozing.

Now that you know the 3 secrets (episode 1), your power archetype (episode 2), and how to charge high-end prices for your inspired wisdom work (episode 3), it’s time to learn how to draw in the clients you LOVE to work with, effortlessly!

If you are starting to realize that I may be the right mentor for you, and you want me to help you design your business, open your power, and enjoy success without the stress, then come take my “work with me survey.” It is a short quiz that will identify the best way for you to work with me according to your needs. I look forward to talking with you. https://channelyourgenius.com/work-with-me/