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For the Profitable Prophets - those who are called to speak, to share, to teach...

Join us (at no cost) and learn the top 10 lessons you need from some of my favorite modern prophets.

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Some inspired entrepreneurs, visionaries, and founders are actually prophets undercover.

We received a Calling, an undeniable mission to spread a teaching, a new model, or an evolutionary principle in the world.

We are the inspired messengers.

Here are some of the specific lessons you’ll get to learn from these master teachers:

  • Avoid the sellout syndrome with Lia Dunlap, the Oracle on Purpose
  • Care for your Sacred Self to Avoid Burnout with Lisa Schrader, as featured on Oprah.
  • Untangle from Guilt and Shame that Hold you Back you from being a Prophet with Shellie Nelson
  • Co-create with Earth Wisdom with Native American author, Maria Yraceburu
  • Tap your Mythic Power to Engage Global Audiences with Elayne Kalila Doughty
  • Share Stories to avoid Manic Marketing with Kylie Slavik
  • Follow your Most Creative Calling with love-based business specialist Michele PW
  • Spread your message using new media with Steve Olsher, editor of Podcast Magazine
  • Jumpstart your Purposeful Podcast with Michael Neeley, founder of Authority Academy
  • Put the Money in the Hands of Good People with sales specialist Shameka Tankerson

These are A-List teachers who have gifted you their time because we all care about the wisdom-leaders rising up in these times.  We want to let you in on the secrets, so you can do it the easier way.

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How much longer are you planning to wait before you bring forth the wisdom you were sent here to carry into the world?

The world needs our wisdom now more than EVER.

It’s time to go big with your message.

So this 5-day masterclass series provides short (20 min) life-learned lessons from some world-class inspired messengers, who manage to stand as teachers, writers, speakers, and leaders delivering evolutionary wisdom while making a great living fulfilling their purpose.

Your guides, your gut, your quiet voice in your head has been insisting that you ‘SPEAK UP, that you teach, and lead, and write, and share… because you’ve been GIVEN the message to carry. And you know that THIS is the time.

A prophet is an inspired teacher, a visionary proclaimer of divine messages.

That’s you.

I was a lawyer and mom of 2 babies when I really got my Calling in the year 2000 to be a “profitable prophet.”

I suddenly got more intuitive. Way more intuitive. I started getting the downloads. I felt Called by my creator, my spirit, to change my life - to stand as a teacher/speaker/channel for my own particular core message - that we are all naturally born to be channels of our own genius.

I had been a business lawyer, and I knew in order to focus on my Calling, it would need to be my core business, and not just a “hobby.” I would need to be “profitable” as well as “prophet” to give it the focus it would need. It wasn’t an easy path, honestly. I hadn’t even believed in “this woo-woo stuff” before my Calling took over.

And, Well… Life hasn’t been the same since.

I now stand in a life I’ve created to support my Calling, in prosperity and purpose, living on my dream land, doing my dream work. How did I get here?

I was fortunate to find some role models, some guides on the journey. And now I want to share some great role models with you, so you can step up into your own Prophet role feeling supported, grounded, and balanced in your power.

Receive the Masterclass Series

It’s a particular task, a particular challenge, to accept your calling as a modern prophet.

  • Sometimes we feel like undercover agents for our creator.
  • Sometimes we feel like open vessels that bring good things through.
  • Sometimes we feel like freaks, because we are speaking something new.

But we can’t NOT speak it.

The Profitable Prophets of this world need to stick together,
And we can learn a lot from those who go before us.

This series of masterclasses is designed for the Profitable Prophets - those who are called to fulfill this calling better and better.
Join us, and hear from some of my favorite modern prophets who have found ways to walk in prosperity and wisdom at the same time.
Learn their favorite tools, tips, and techniques for keeping their balance, and fulfilling their path.
It’ll be expanding, inspiring, and FUN!

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